Welcome!  This site deals with images and thoughts, some of which, I hope, will be explosive and dangerous . . .  The site cuts through poetry, literature, philosophy and politics to reveal something new . . .   I am a poet published in little magazines, a philosophy graduate of the University of Toronto.   I returned to think about languages, and audit courses given by the great literary critic Northrop Frye.   On my own, I long studied Ayn Rand's philosophy, and tried to integrate it and my own evolving ideas into global thought.   This site contains parts of two heroic dramas, 40 original lyric poems carrying on the verse-writing tradition of Chaucer, Shakespeare, Goethe, Blake, Keats, Tennyson, Matthew Arnold, Yeats, Frost, Eliot, and Auden, plus 60 critical and familiar essays and pieces.  Enjoy your life!



Poet, Thinker, Writer

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FROM "The Tragedy of Hektor and Andromake"

Treatment (brief outline of the main plot) | Subplots

PRELIMINARY MATTER:   Title Page | Dedication | Epigraph | Characters | Theatre and Set Design | Costumes and Makeup | Music | Note on Pronunciation | Setting and Time

PLAY PROPER:   Act I, Scene 1 | Act III, Scene 1 | Act V  (incomplete)

FROM "Cingeto the King:   A Heroic Play of Vercingetorix"

Treatment   (a few sentences about the action of the play) | Subplots


PLAY PROPER:   Act V, final scene

Lyric Verse

Short Poems and Verses

Some of these may be included in a book. Its title seems likely to be Mystery and Pathos of Mortal Existence, or possibly Imagined Worlds or Eyes of Lapis Lazuli and Other Poems.

Bible Stories

"Solomon and Sheba" | "Solomon's Temple" | "Love's Defence" | "Saul and Jonathan" | "The Visitation" | "Legacy" | "The Thought" | "All We Ever Say Is Our Own Names" | "Abaddon" | "Throbs" | "Listening" | "The Creation" | "Solomon's Reform" | "Desperately I Brace the Ladder" | "Hesperides" | "Encounter in the Woods" | "After Actaeon"

Orpheus and His Fantastic Acquaintances

"Transference" | "Orpheus and the Animals" | "The Wisdom of Orpheus" | "Orpheus in Toronto" | "The Traveller" | "Einstein" | "Pan's Nights" | "Lancelot and Guinevere" | "Philosopher"

Poets and Painters

"Chatterton" | "P. B. Shelley" | "Vincent"

Early Canada

"East to Arcadia"

Love's Fool

"Forgive" | "After Twenty-Five Years" | "Going to the House" | "The Unforgiven Postman" | "The Lover" | "The Ring" | "Grey Clouds Bunching, Winter Coming Fast" | "Illinois" | "Portrait of an Artist" | "To Objectivists and Libertarians" | "The End" | "Hamilton Bay" | "Brief Farewell" | "The Abstinence" | "Imitation of Catullus" | "Riddance" | "Dulce et Decorum?" | "Silence and Poetry"

Science Fantasy

"Burning Spaceship"


"Wanderer's Nightsong" by Goethe

Longer Poem

"Eyes of Lapis Lazuli" will be difficult for some readers. It is unfinished -- particularly in its last section.

Essays, Opinions, Remarks


"A Note for Non-Philosophers" | "The Fog of Propaganda"


"Futurist Manifesto" | "William Irwin Thompson" | "Ben Johnson, Canadian" | "Robert Anton Wilson" | "Glenn Gould"


"Alan Greenspan" | "Recent Economic Events" | "Laissez-faire" | "Two Cheers for Capitalism" | "Linda McQuaig"

History and Politics

"How to Write History" | "Palestine" | "Israel" | "Yasser Arafat" | "Should We Accept Globalization?" | "Should We Choose Socialized or Capitalist Medicine?" | "Pierre Elliott Trudeau" | "Toronto in 2002" | "Will Canada Continue to Exist?" | "Lord Black of Crossharbour" | "Crimes of the United States?" | "Terror, State Terror and War" | "Joe Clark" | "Québec" | "The Central Intelligence Agency and the Pax Americana" | "Noam Chomsky's Political Writings" | "Do Natural Rights Exist?"


"Jack Adrian" | "Marshall Bruce Evoy" | "Comic Books and I" | "Northrop Frye" | "P. Emerson Tapley"

Philosophy and Psychology

"What is Philosophy?" | "Who Needs Philosophy?" | "A Brief Sketch of Western Philosophical Metaphysics before Kant" | "A Brief Sketch of Western Philosophical Metaphysics from Kant to the Present" | "Epistemology: The Theory of Knowledge" | "Socrates and Plato" | "Descartes" | "Existentialism" | "Colin Wilson" | "Russell, Wittgenstein and Linguistic Analysis" | "Wittgenstein's Tractatus" | "The Analytic-Synthetic Dichotomy" | "A Requiem for Ayn Rand?" | "Re-Evaluating Ayn Rand" | "Anarchism vs. Government" | "Reason and Emotion" | "Sex" | "Intuition and the Unconscious" | "The Selfish Gene" | "Ethics" | "Capitalist Libertarianism" | "Metaphysics, Meaning and Philip Wheelwright" | "Life and Death" | "Reason" | "Brand Blanshard" | "Collectivism and Communism" | "What Is Truly Rational?" | "Objectivity" | "Martin Heidegger" | "Jacques Derrida"


"The Origins of Poetry, Music, and Dance" | "The Early History of Poetry" | "The Later History of Poetry" | "How to Write Poetry" | "William Shakespeare" | "William Butler Yeats" | "Ezra Pound" | "Canadian Poetry"

Prose Literature

"Some Excellent Fiction Writers" | "Canadian Prose Literature"


"Jesus of Nazareth" | "L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology" | "Islam and Terrorism" | "Antisemitism"

Please return every four to six months: more poems and essays should be here, and those here now will have improved. The site will gradually grow more graphic and interactive.

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