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 Michael's Locomotive Pages.

Authored & Copyright © 2003-2005 by Michael J. Guy, Toronto, Canada.

The Garratt Locomotive

General Arrangement 
The Boiler

Boiler Frame & Cab

Engine Units  


Romulus Pages


Romulus loco "Lesley"

Passenger Cars for Lesley

 new photo Oct 30.

Lesley at  Steam-Era 2005

(External link)


Tech Stuff


Build A Lempor Exhaust System 

Lesley Smokebox Vacuum Test

A Lempor Ejector for Lesley

The Lempor Ejector Calculator

A Simple Tube Expander

A Fix for Boiler Tube Leaks




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Nov. 23rd 2005


This web started as a few construction progress pages showing the building a 7-1/4" Gauge "Ride in Cab" Live Steam Garratt Locomotive but in the last two years all sorts of other miniature steam locomotive stuff has crept in. In particular the Lempor Ejector Calculator - a joint project with Richard Stuart of Perth Australia - and its associated testing on my Romulus loco has become a large part of this site and has delayed the Garratt somewhat.

The Garratt project really started as a computer drawing exercise just to keep my hand in, when finished the engine will be 10 feet long, 26 inches wide and weigh nearly a ton. Coal fired, carrying 120 psi steam pressure I expect it will pull a good sized train.

Please navigate between pages with the links to the left, enjoy your visit. The entire site is not complete and this web will be under construction for some time yet (actually forever!). It is also my first web attempt so please excuse any technical gaffes and bear with me while I play with the look and layout. All thumbnail images are clickable for a larger photo.

Particular thanks to Alan Butler,  John Guy, Jan-Eric Nyström, Harry Savile, Jim Small, Richard Stuart and the guys at GHLS for all their help, advice and encouragement.

Michael Guy.

November 2003, updated October-November 2005              

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