The Calculator is an MS Excel workbook written to crunch the math for you if you wish to design your own Lempor Ejector locomotive front-end. It takes away all the work (if you consider maths to be work) and leaves all the fun.

You can download the calculator from this site or from Your copy of Excel should open the file automatically, then you should "save as" to a new file name for a working copy.

Please be sure to read the intro notes and appendix one before attempting to use the workbook for the first time.

A note on downloading from Livesteamer Chuck Hackett:

In some versions/settings of Internet Explorer (IE), when you click on the download link it treats it as an embedded object. It starts EXCEL and 'tells' EXCEL to display the results within a framed area within the IE display. 

To get around this, right-click on the download link and select "Save Target As". Save the file to the location of your choice and then either navigate there with Explorer (not IE) and double-click it or open EXCEL and then use it to open the file you saved.

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