"Lesley" a Romulus Class, Narrow-Gauge 0-4-0.

Photo: Russ Milland

Romulus "Lesley" at work. Designed by Roger Marsh, built by Alan Wright, me doing the driving. A coal-fired steel boiler working at 100 psi saturated steam (no superheat). Weighs approximately 600 lb, this locomotive has hauled a train weighing 6,200 pounds up a 1.4% grade.

 Romulus-4ha.jpg (89051 bytes)Photo: Barry Graham 

"Lesley" hauling a full train at Golden Horseshoe Live Steamers track in Hamilton Ontario. Spring 2002

The pairA.jpg (52161 bytes)

Lesley alongside the middle bit of her big Garratt sister. Quite a difference in size!

DSCN3047a.jpg (79529 bytes)

All polished up at the Toronto Christmas Train Show, Oct 29th 2005.

DSCN3113a.jpg (54267 bytes) Newly fitted with a Lempor Ejector, November 8th 2005. The first such locomotive in Canada? 

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