The General Arrangement.

My inspiration for this project came from the Moors Valley Railway's impressive William Rufus machine and the fun derived from owning a version of Roger Marsh's well known Romulus design, "Lesley".

The Romulus is a very reliable passenger hauler of great simplicity and I thought what fun it would be to build a freelance Garratt around two Romulus chassis'. Naturally, the more the drawing work progressed the further from Romulus I got until arriving at the point where the only similarity between the two is in the cylinders and axle spacing.

Dscn1018b.jpg (118078 bytes)

Loaded with gravel bags to simulate full water tanks, we run a suspension test at Golden Horseshoe Live Steamers track in Hamilton Ontario.

Dscn1176a.jpg (71526 bytes)Photo: John Guy

Getting set for the 2004 Toronto Christmas train show. We are on the wheels for the first time. Tanks are tacked together and in place, the suspension works. Fred Flintstone would be right at home in the cab (no floor yet).

Dscn1202a.jpg (64568 bytes)

Looking good at the train show. We unloaded from the trailer using a new sixteen foot long track ramp. Very exciting!

Dscn1186a.jpg (34088 bytes)

The Ramp!

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