"Welcome all to the Vibrant Village of Chatwin, inhabited by only the boldest and bravest of adventurers. Should you feel brave enough, and wish to move to Chatwin, and thereby communicate with these brave souls, you will find information about how to do so at the end of the villagers' descriptions."

"Chatwin is an original village located in the World of Greyhawk (TM), hex (J4 94), about a day's journey NW of Narwell. To the west is the Welkwood Forest and the northern reaches of the Jewel River, to the north the Gnarley Forest, and Wooley Bay is two days' or so to the east. Chatwin was the site of an economic disaster some forty years ago, c. 530. Its fortunes went downhill. A couple of years back, 579, the lost treasure of Chatwin was recovered by the Chatwin Heroes."

"To get a better appreciation of the location of Chatwin, view the more detailed map, The Wild Coast through the Welkwood. It contains a Gazetteer of the areas of interest around Chatwin."

"Many new visitors to Chatwin have taken a room in the Boarding House or the Inn. To visit them, view The Residents."

as reported by Artemus Buttwyler, Scribe of Chatwin, Reaping, CY594

[Chatwin is extremely indebted to Dosabus Hevider for this all new map.]

1 Armory/Militia: Headed by Hawke, (LN hm F7); hp 50; AC 0; chain Mail +1, shield +1;; S 17, D 16, C 15; long sword +2, dagger +1. NWP: Tracking , blind-fighting, land-based riding, read/write. He became leader of the militia once the Chatwin Heroes exposed the former leader's role in the disappearance of the village's treasure. In Fireseek, 581, he became a member of the Leavien Order of Fighters. He keeps law and order in the town, and is always on the lookout for new recruits for the order.

2 City Hall/ Mayor's House: Murdoch Bannister, (NG hm ??) a 38 year old human male, with blue eyes and a medium build. Murdoch was the chosen by outgoing mayor Koldar as the new mayor in Coldeven, 583. Little is known about Murdock. In his spare moments, he enjoys solo forays into the hills to the north of Chatwin.

3 Armorer/Weaponsmith: Karbore Blustyrbick , a middle aged (CG gm, F5); hp 40; AC 0; Chain armor +2, shield +2; S 16, D 15, C 15, I 17, W 15; short sword +2, dagger +3. NWP: Armorer, weaponsmithing, leatherworking, blacksmithing, read write. Karbore has a twinkle in his eye and a warped sense of humor. He is capable of training fighters.

4 Boatswain/Barges: This shipping office with dock is supervised by river master Grey Holden (LN hm F5); hp 37;ring of water breathing. NWP fishing, swimming. Barges are commonly used to move farm produce west to the Jewel River. Small boats and barges may be rented. Grey is also in charge of bridge maintenance.

Also located in this building is the Trading Post of Rath Ster [LN em F2/M2/T2]; hp: 14; S 18, D 18, C 15, I 17; NWP: blind fighting, fishing, hunting, animal training (jaguar), animal lore, set snares, leather working, reading/writing. Rath is 5' 4", 112lbs, with brown hair and eyes. He is predominantly a businessman, with trading posts in such far away places as Fort Thunder. He is usually accompanied by his pet jaguar, Grat.

5 Myrinda the Curer, (NG hf P7); hp 34; AC 8; I 14, W 18; Spells: Cure (x2), Detect Evil, Detect Magic, Protection from Evil 10'radius, ...+ others. NWP: Herbalism, healing, brewing, cooking. Leans towards the deity of Trithereon the Summoner and will care for any good or neutral PC's for a fee, of course.

6 Hadrian's Tower: Once the home of the famous wizard Asflag, (Dungeon #36) now the home of Hadrian Mindbendurr;(NG gm I9); hp 28; AC 0/2; bracers 4, ring +2; D 16, I 18; dagger +2 (long tooth of Illusions); wand of petrification, wand of MM, "Homer", ebony fly "Spirit". NWP: Reading/Writing, Navigation, Spellcraft, Engineering. Once cleared by the Chatwin Heroes, this tower was in default to the city for back taxes. Hadrian paid these, and moved in, Readying, 580.

And his henchman, as of Fireseek, 583, Folio Tankar;[(L)N dm F5]; hp 41; AC3/4; S 17, W 17, C 16; battle ax +2, dagger +1, horn of fog; NWP: cobbling, leather working, rope use, seamanship, swimming.

Residing here also is Gideonn Trueflight, (CG ham T11/F7); hp 95; AC -2/2; bracers AC 4, ring +1; D 18, C 18; PP 65%, OL 95%, F/RT 95%, MS 80%, HS 65%, HN 50%, CW 85%, RL 0%; short sword of speed, dagger +3, daggers of throwing +1, dagger, longtooth +2; peripat of proof against poison +2, Figurines of Wonderous Power: onyx dog, serpentine owl, spotted lions, cloak of invisibility, bag of holding. NWP: appraising, blind-fighting, disguise, locksmithing, read lips, set snares. Originally from the Free City of Irongate, Gideon faces life with a boyish exuberance tempered by an adult's cynicism. His common rejoinder to news is, "Why am I not surprised."

In Fireseek, 581 two adventurers came from Narwell to take care of security for this tower. They were:

Fitzwilly Green , (CG me F4/W4); hp 25; AC 2; chain mail, shield; D 15, C 15, ML 11; Long sword Flame Tongue, short sword +2, Ring of Protection +1; . Spells: sleep; mirror image + ... . Fitzwilly was once recruited by a band of adventurers from his clan in the Welkwood Forest to help against a group of bandits. Other adventures in the cause of good have taken him as far west as Enstad in Celene. He knows of the resurgence of a bandit group in the Welkwood but can do nothing about it on his own. He also knows the exact location of the old prison and is a friend of Meriweather the Druid of Welkwood. With little explanation, Fitzwilly left Hadrian's employ in the spring of 584, and headed off into the Welkwood. He was not seen or heard from until Reaping, CY 585, when he returned to Chatwin in the company of Mallory Thorpe,  (CG mh R10/?/?) hp 81; AC 2; Bracers AC4; Ring +1; long sword +5, defender. S 18, W 18, D 15, C 17; famed ranger of the Welkwood. The two were seen in the company of the Chatwin Seekers. After two days at the Inn of the Shadows they and the Seekers left the village heading west. 

and Guillame Rydell, (LN hm F5); hp 43; AC 2 chain +1, shield; S 16, D 15; battle ax +2 (specialization); ring of water walking, a Luck Stone, powder of strength; potions: dimunition, dragon control (evil), oil of fiery burning; NWP: bower/fletcher, local history, and riding on land-based mounts. Guillame was once rescued from some Orcs by a monk named Thelonius. Since that time he has dedicated himself to the ways of lawfulness. Guillame is very familiar with the route to Dyvers.

7 Endoc's Tower: Home of Endoc the Short, (CN mg I14); hp 43; AC 6; D 18, C 16, I 17, W 15; club. NWP: read & write (17). Spells in spellbook: all illusions through level 7; plus others. He has a Crystal Ball which was given him by his prize student, Hadrian Mindbendurr (#6). He is capable of teaching the art of illusion for a price, usually a favor involving getting some illusory or seeing magic.

8 The Jester's residence: Gwyllin, a 22 year old (NG hm B5); hp 17; AC 2; cloak +2, ring +2; D 18, C 14, I 16, Ch 17; PP 35%, DN 40%, CW 60%, RL 10%; LL 25%; foil +1, main gauche +2; Spells: cantrip, friends; improved phantasmal force. NWP: appraising, gamimg, local history, read & write, singing. Gwyllin is Chatwin's singer of song and teller of tale. His most famous epic, "The Ballad of the Chatwin Heroes," is performed nightly in the Three Towers Inn. He always seems to be singing the verse pertaining to the hero(s) who has just walked in the door. When they are known to be out of town, Gwyllin is the star of this ballad and tale.

9 Sir Nycklos' cottage: a 72 yr old (LG hm Pa8); hp 72; AC 0; I 14, W 14; plate mail, Long sword +1/ +3 vs spell using or enchanted (specialized), NWP: cooking, etiquette, hunting, land based riding, survival, weather sense. A rather imbalanced old man, Sir Nychlos often patrolled the road north to the hills in the hopes of encountering the decades old bandits. Now that the Chatwin Heroes have solved the mystery and recovered the treasure, he spends much of his time in his cottage brooding about his failure in this matter. He is a wealth if information, much of it confused, on the past 50-100 yrs of local history and lore.

Also residing here, at the request of Quintos (qv #18) is Edgar of the Bright Blade, a young 20 yr old (LG hm Pa6); hp 43; S 16, D 15, C 15, Ch 17; morning star +1. NWP: etiquette, healing, horse riding, religion. Edgar is 5' 11" with short brown hair. He is a devoted worshipper of Heironious. He was rescued from a rather sticky situation by Quintos, and has become a member of the Order of Ley.  As of Coldeven, 594, Glardwyn, of Chatwin Crusader fame, has become his paramour.

In Planting, 584, a novice paladin came to live and learn with them. He is Sir Laven Tylor, "the goblin slayer." [LG hm Pa1]; hp 9; S 18/24, D 17, C 18, Ch 17; chain mail, shield, broadsword, spear.

10 General Wares In Wealsun, 584, the shop became the property of Haiendal [N dm F5]; hp 48; S 18/80, C 17, D 16; battleaxe +1, shortsword +1, shield +1, ring of invisibility. NWP: blind fighting, survival, swimming, warning. A 63 year old, 43'', 101 lbs, brown haired, deep blue eyed, goblin hater, Haiendal hails from the Principalty of Ulek. His hatred of orcs stems from his having been a captured by them, and forced into the army of IUZ, where he actually held the rank of sergeant. He is quite taciturn but always happy to meet adventurers and sell them what they need for travels, just as long as they do not mention `orcs'. His favorite saying is, "Tankards for the beer ! Goblins for the war ! "

This variety shop contains most of the standard items needed by adventurers. Prices vary according to the distance traveled. Mahogany, a black haired, blue eyed halfling rogue, works as his assitant.

11 Loren Kenith, a 45 yr old (LN hm W6); and the local sage, hp 14; I 17, W 14, Ch 13. Spells: detect magic, read magic, unseen servant; ESP, know alignment; tongues. NWP: agriculture, astrology, languages. Loren is a sage, a seer. He wears a plain brown robe and a belt lined with pouches. He knows most divination type spells. Anyone requesting Loren's services must pay 120 gp per spell level.

Residing with Loren is his student Grimbold, (NG hem M4/P5[Ehlonna]) hp 20; I 17, W 15; cloak +2; horn of blasting, staff of striking, wand of polymorph. NWP: animal handling, etiquette, healing. Spells: cure; hold person, ... ; web, ... . Grimbold is a tall, lean young man with blonde hair and green eyes. He has with him Ralf, the wise and powerful owl familiar.

12 Myriam Gallweather, a 52 yr old (LN hf W6) hp 27; S 18, C 17, I 18; rod of smiting. Spells: burning hands, identify, magic missile (x2); darkness 15' rad, know alignment; fly, vampiric touch. NWP: brewing, heraldry, weaving. Miriam is a graying, stout, pug-nosed wizardess. She has studied magic for forty years and is widely regarded as the person to see if a citizen gets uppity and needs to be put in his place.

13 Tullinot Grime, a 27 yr old (LE hm W6); hp 15; D 15, I 18, Ch 18; dagger +1, +2 vs good. Spells: charm person (x3), shocking grasp; levitate, scare; haste, non-detection. NWP: engineering (15), mining (7), rope use (15). Tuillinot is a lean and handsome dark-haired man with deep blue eyes. He is all the more charming with his dulcet voice and his magic spells.

Living with him is Merton Illuminatum, [CG em T5/M4]; hp 29. Merton has studied with Trueflight so he must have some interest in larceny. Some say he claimed his quick fingers to be the `magic in my gloves,’ but that ruse was seen through by the others. Merton has also shown a propensity for magic and has studied with the mages of Chatwin. Since an altercation with a staff of withering, Merton's left arm is not all there!

14 The smithy is named Talas Gymsby, a 75 yr old (LG dm F5); semi retired; hp 45; S 16, C 15. NWP: endurance, stonemasonry, weaponsmithing. When he is not busy, i. e. most days unless the stage is coming through, he can hone a blade or repair a weapon.

15 Stables/Livery: Grimes Lunt, 35 yr old (LN hm) NWP: animal handling, land based riding. Grimes knows horses and can train them to just about anyone. He will board and care for a animal for 1 gp/wk. He has horses for sale and mules for sale and rent.

Shantyra Fleming, (NG hf R5); works for him and lives in the loft above the stables. Shantyra had worked for some years in the transport business, particularly between Dyvers and Narwell. The regularity of the trips became tedious, so she put her animal husbandry and veterinary skills to other uses. She is rumored to have some very special and very deadly pets.

She has turned part of the livery into a small clinic for sick animals. She has enlisted some village children, Karli and Jacob, to aid her in this endeavor.

16 Artemus Buttwyler; (NG hm B6[loremaster]) hp 26; C 15, Ch 15. At 5' 5", 168 lbs, Artemus looks like a sheep dog with his shaggy brown hair and soft green eyes. He rents this small cottage while he studies the history of the Chatwin Heroes, some of whom he met while interviewing for a job at Mindbending Tower (#6), with a mind towards producing the definitive text on them. He made ends meet, and kept himself in food, by playing, dancing and singing in the Three Towers Inn. While he had some talent, his natural shyness and good sense kept him from upstaging Gwyllin.

He has become a member of the prestigious Greenbriar College, and added some interesting spells to his repertoire. Spells: Alpha's acid stream, Alpha's hunting hound, charm, copy, lasting breath, Murdock's feathery flyer, pattern weave, phantasmal force, read magic, shield, Tenser's floating disk, unseen servant; continual light, invisibility, levitate, Maxmillian's earthen grasp, mirror image, strength, web; instant audience, Maxmillian's stoney grasp, spirit armor. Artemus can usually be found at the Three Towers giving dramatic renditions of adventures. He is often accompanied in performance by Tan Elbrum and his flute and parrot.

As village scribe, Artemus tells the stories of the adventuring groups of Chatwin.

[The Seekers are now operating through the Chatwin Seekers Group site. Join if you'd like to lurk.]

Artemus covered the trip of the Chatwin Heroes to the Free City of Greyhawk. To view the city and follow their exploits, click here.

Pit Tower Artemus is a member of the very prestigious Study in the Pit Tower in the very creative world of Zynatecha.

17 Shrine to Pholtus: The home of Zamora (LG df F4/P4). Zamora is 43", 126 lbs, with dark brown hair and blackish eyes. A devout follower of Pholtus of the Blinding Light, she has come to Chatwin to serve the causes of lawfulness while doing good on the southern fringes of the Gnarley Forest. She has made a small, bright shrine to her deity. She picks up change by helping in the repair work on the walls of the militia quarters. She welcomes the chance to further her cause, or the raise funds for a proper place of worship. Zamora is also a neophyte member of the Order of Ley and it was at her cottage that clandestine meetings of the order were held in its formative stages.

18 This non-descript house, south of the Militia building, is the sometimes residence of Quintos Silverleaf, a 112 yr old (LN me F9); hp 62; S 17, D 18; chain +1, long sword +1 (flame tongue), long sword of Justice; ring of protection +1, ring of vampiric regeneration; gem of the Lion NWP: blind fighting, land based riding, navigation, seamanship. Quintos, the founder of the Leavien Order, stays in this simple cottage when in town to confer with Hawke (#1), recruit new members, visit the other Heroes, etc.

19 Shadow of the Three Towers: comfortable inn with private rooms at 5gp/night. There are also lower priced, less well kept, rooms above the stables for 2 sp. Some of the regulars have made these semi-permanent homes. This inn is owned by Gustavus O'Malley, 55 yrs.; (LN hm F3); hp 20; Ch 16; long sword (sp), daggers. NWP: business sense, cooking, local history, story telling. Gus is a heavy set, cheery fellow with a heavy head of white hair with bushy white eyebrows. He was once a member of the Chatwin Militia shortly after the infamous robbery. Once he made some money in the force, he adventured a bit and used his earnings to buy the inn for a song during the depressed times afterwards.

Many of Chatwin's colorful residents hang around the Inn.

There are two notable tables in the Dining Hall. The first, located in the center, has a dagger of burnished fire sticking into the top. Hanging from this dagger are four Medals of the Chatwin Heroes. This monument was placed here by Quintos as a foretelling of great deeds to come. No one has dared to disturb them since he placed them there on 13 Coldeven, 582.

The second table in the front by the window overlooking the river, is reserved for the Friday luncheons of the Chatwin Seekers. Those who are in need of their help know when and where to find them.

As of Flocktime, 584, the Suite has been occupied by Four Females from Fort Thunder. They are Cleletus Okra [NG ef F3/M2]; hp 17; D 17; wand of paralyzation; Fleena [LG ef F3]; hp 29; S 18:06, D 18, C 16, W 16; cutlass +1; Malexa [NG ef F3/M2] hp 17; S 18:58, D 16, C 16, I 17 Ch 15; and Rasketh [NG gf T5]; hp 25; D 17, C 15, I 16; short sword +2; Amulet of the Cheetah.

Meanwhile roughing it in the stables is Strider [LG hm F2]; hp 19; S 16, D 15, I 15.

In Reaping, 585, one Faidrus,  [LG, 1/2e, Pal2 ( Wee Jas)/, Sor1]; hp 28; Ch 18; Mounted Combat, Eschew Materials, Summon Familiar; Diplomacy  +6,  Gather Information  +6, Handle Animal   +9, Listen +1, Ride +10, Search  +1, Spellcraft +2, Spot +1; +1 Great Sword; arrived looking for Quintos Silverleaf. After about a week's stay, he left the village in the company of the Chatwin Seekers.

20 The cottage of Shadin Brightblade, 24 yrs; (LG hm R8); hp 61; S 18:60, D 15, C 16; broadsword +2, leather armor +1, shortsword +1; bag of holding, potion of healing. Spells: 1/1; cure light wounds or entangle. NWP: animal friendship, ancient history, weather sense, direction sense, blind-fighting, tracking. Shandin is 5' 11", 198 lbs., with brown eyes and chestnut hair. He speaks common, elven, dwarvish, halfling, and sprite. Shandin is a member of the Order of Ley.

21 Sir Rocco, (N em W7); hp 17; I 16; Bracers of Defense AC 6, Cloak of Protection +2; Staff of Striking, Ring of Protection +4, ring of Neckros; Stone of Earth Elemental Creation; Peripat of Proof vs. Poison +4 (13), Potions: Extra Healing (x4); Scrolls: Fool's Gold; Fireball (7th); Dig, Conjure Elemental; disintegrate, eyebite, mirage arcana. Spells: dimension door + ... . NWP: Ancient History, Appraising, Direction Sense. Sir Rocco is 54" tall, 80 lbs, with brown hair and eyes. He is 186 years old. He lives in this reasonable house which he bought in late Harvester 581. He presents himself as a harmless mage who favors dark magic. Since he has ventured with Quintos Silverleaf (#18), the villagers figure that Sir Rocco is worthy of trust. He speaks Common, Elfish, Olman. He will teach spells to those who seek out his guidance.

He has two people living with him. One is a traveling companion Redux, (N hf W3); hp 16; C 18, I 16, W 18, Ch 17; staff, cloak +3; peripat of wound closure, ring of Neckros. Spells: charm; see through other's eyes + ..... NWP: appraising written materials, read & write.

The other is Jalock, (NE hm F4); hp 31; D 15, chain +1, broadsword, (sp). NWP: blacksmithing, endurance, riding, land. Jalock's memory isn't what it used to be. He serves as Rocco's bodyguard.

22 Mica Tourmalynne, (C[G] hf W7[E]); hp 30; C 16, I 17; dagger, staff; Bracers 6, ring +2, wand of fire, wand of magic missiles; potion: gaseous form; scroll: magic missile. NWP: astrology, languages, anc. & mod., R & W, weaving. Mica is 5' 4", 137lbs., with brown hair and eyes. She is Chatwin's specialist evoker. After an adventuring career which took her to the far ends of Oerth, and beyond some say, she has semi-retired to this peaceful village. She has let her presence be known in the hopes that aspiring invokers will come to learn from her. In Patchwall, 581, she became mentor to Sigil(qv #23).

23 The home of Sigil the Spellcaster, (CG hm W6[E]); hp 27; I 17, D 15, C 16; Bracers AC 5; Darts +3; Ring +1; Robe of Blending. and Junior Penrose, a third level halfling thief. Purchased jointly at a cost of 700 gp. Since Junior's demise, Sigil now holds full ownership, though he shares this residence.

Also living with Sigil are

Galin Gar Kahn,[LG hem P7(Pholtus)]; hp 55; W 18, D 15, C 15; elven chain +2, Mace +1; potions of healing, heroism, levitation, shrink, sweet water.

and, Lance Archwood, [NG em F4]; hp 34; S 18/50, D 17, C 15; chain +1, long sword +3.

As of Planting, 583, when they returned from far off Fort Thunder, near the far off Amedio Jungle, with neither Cymburr nor Kirkas, they represent all that was left of the Little Dragons.

24 Stryder's Place. Stryder (N em T7); hp 37; D 18, C 15; PP 45%, OL 90%, F/RT 95%, MS 45%, HS 35%, DN 20%, CW 80%, RL 25%; Elven Chain +1; Short Sword +1, Long Sword +3 (Vorporal Blade), Bag of Holding (500lbs), Ring of Fire Resistance, Extra Healing (x4), Climbing, Persuasiveness; . NWP: Appraising, Blind Fighting, Direction Sense, Disguise. Stryder is rather non-descript, and has kept a very low profile since arriving in Chatwin some months ago. Little is known about his adventuring activities.

25 Cottage of Wedge the Wise, 23 yr old (NG hm W5); hp 18; AC 4(armor spell); I 15, D 16; quarterstaff; wand of fire; ring of spell storing, (friends, jump, shatter); potion of healing; scrolls: sleep, paralyzation, item; shadow door, veil; spectral hand. Spells : charm; mirror image, [World Wide] web; dispel magic. NWP: ancient history, astrology, cooking, herbalism, rope use, spellcraft. Wedge speaks common, dwarven, elvish, and goblin, and has a pet cat named Zelda. He is known to be sympathetic to the cause of the oppressed, and has ventured down the Wild Coast with the Veiled One. He has respect for women, even those whose faces cannot be seen. He has helped at least one happy couple tie the knot. And, he now knows that burning hands is not the best spell to cast in a hay loft!

26 The Village Cemetery, the caretaker of which is Father Sedgewick (NG hm C3); hp 15; I 15, W 15. Father Sedgewick, and some other Brothers came from Montelegro Abbey to take over the job of monitoring the cemetery. This was at the request of the outgoing Mayor Kolidar, who finally gave in to public pressure and dismissed the former caretaker, a foul-mouthed, chauvinist, troublemaking lunatic, who had turned the cemetery into a `living dead' graveyard. They are followers of Pelor.

27 This is the cottage of Cassandra Duske, (CG hf T5); hp 31; D 18, C 16; dagger +1, longsword +2; peripat of proof against poison;  potions of flying, healing, levitation. PP 40%, OL 65%, F/RT 65%, MS 35%, HS 30%, DN 25%, CW 70%, RL 20%; NWP: locksmithing, looting, read and write, tight rope walking, tumbling; and her traveling companion Andremar Leetledeek (CG hm M5); hp 16; D 17, I 17, W 15; staff; ring +1; potions of healing, oil of fiery burning, polymorph self; spells: charm, magic missile, protection from evil; Melf's acid arrow, scare ... . In his spell book are chill touch, colored missile, detect magic, grease, identify, sleep, read magic, Tenser's floating disk; bind. NWP: animal handling, riding, spellcraft.

Cassandra appears to be a self assured young woman, covering her basic insecurity in about 20 uneeded pounds. After the success of The Seekers first adventure, she began working out with Lwcynda and revealed a bit less of herself. Andremar suffers from a slight stuttering problem. He can, however, make himself understood in orchish, troll, dwarven and elvish. She tends to do the drinking for the both of them. They seem to compliment each other well. They often frequent the Inn where Cassandra hunts up rumors of adventure, while Andremar sits in rapt attention to the songs and tales of the bards. They sometimes make mention of the `ogre incident' and their trip to Nyssia, but there is no longer a record of this event. In Coldeven, 582, along with Lwcynda (#30), they solved a decades old local mystery, and were given a commendation by the village.

28 Kythia, the woodcarver, (CN haf T5); D 18. NWP carving, read & write. Kythia, she of the soft green eyes and short brown hair, lives in this modest cottage with her husband . They have a small daughter, Elisabeth, born 18 Reaping, 580, and are contemplating another. Actually. it's here: Ilana Augusta, born 2 Planting, 582. Kythia does small woodcarvings, made to order. Rumor has it that Kythia was once a brazen thief, but having two children does cut into one's time. Kythia's husband: is Brendanar Balifken, Warrior Kender of Goodlund, (CN mk Handler 6/Bard 6); hp 30; S 15, I 16, D16, Ch 15; longsword +2(two-handed style); ring of protection +2, bracers of defense +4, boots of speed, chainmail +1 (kender size). Bren is 3'4" tall, 80 pounds of handsome muscle with auburn hair and olive eyes. He speaks Common, Elf, Dwarf, and worships Branchala. His NWP include read lips, ancient history, read/write, singing, play lyre/recorder, rope use. His special skills include PP 95%, CW 95% as well as some bardic skills and taunt and fearlessness. He can be seen in the village wearing a big floppy straw hat and kids clothes, hoping to pass for a human child. His biggest hope, however, is to someday bring his entire family -including cousins and uncles and aunts - to this world he himself has been teleported to by an unfriendly wizard.

29 Jonathan Daniels, distiller (LN hm P3/F5); hp 38; S 11, D 14, C 9, I 15, W 15, Ch 11; , , ; . Spells: purify food and drink, + ... . NWP: distilling, carpentry, agriculture, herbalism. Jonathan began as a Priest of Procan, god of the sea. He eventually became a ship's cleric and learned a great deal about water. On a trip to `the South', he was introduced to `maize' which he grows and from which he makes a very special sipping whiskey. Far in the future, this will become a much more famous distillery, run by a distant relative, Jack.

30 Lwcynda (LG hf P5[Mayaheine]); hp 35; S 17, C 15, W 17; mace +1, shield w/ gem of shielding. Spells: cure + ...; hold person + ... . NWP: Running (9), jumping (15), + ... . When she first arrived in the village, Lwcynda has caused quite a stir with her morning jogs through the paths of Chatwin; her long black locks flying in the wind; the morning sun radiating off her crystal blue eyes. Since she became a founding member of The Seekers, she has the full respect of the villagers. She holds celebrations to her faith in the open field next to her cottage.

31The Old Boarding House. This large, multi-roomed building is run by `Old Lady' Hudson, [LN hf]; hp 4; NWP: local history. A font of knowledge about the past, Mrs Hudson is a kindly spirited senior citizen, and the oldest person around. The Boarding House offers rooms and meal which are very affordable. It has some interesting boarders.

32Briana Lochlan, Priestess of Eire [NG haf P4]; hp 26; W 17, D 15; NWP: healing, herbalism, local history, ( the Danu), spell craft. Slender, but with a hint of strength, Briana's auburn red hair and emerald green eyes help to create an air of bold elegance about her.

33 <B>Tavern</B>Tavern of the Silver Cloud Gideon Trueflight opened this establishment after his falling out at the Inn. While he has been learning the art of brewing from Proverb of Enstad, Gideon has hired Clwyd, [NG hm ??], a master brew `myerster' to make the finest beers this side of the Welkwood. Living on the premises is Gideon's protégé Penrose, [CG ham T6]. The place is guarded by Gideon's spotted lions, `Laine.' When not in Chatwin, Gideon usually heads back to the River Quarter in the City of Greyhawk where he frequents The Cave Inn.

34 Three friends, Renkin [NG hf M6], hp 19; I 18; an ice mage; D. R. K., [NG hem C5/F4/M4]; hp 27, who has a black cat familiar, `Simon,' and Zak [NG ham F6] hp 47; S 17, W 15, D 18, C 15; rapier +1/+3 vs lycanthropes; a Swashbuckler, live here.

35 Bittle's Books & Study The establishment of Ero (ee'row) Bittlefinder of the Stonelake Bittlefinders, [NG gm C2/W(I)2]; D 16, C 15, I 17, W15; NWP: appraisal of books, ancient history, haggling, herbalism, musical instrument (pipes), r & w, religion. Ero is 76yrs., 3'8", 80lbs, with unruly white hair and green eyes. He is opinionated, giving the impression that he is rude. He would say he is realistic.

and Serena Jule, [NG hf W3]; D 15, I 16, W 14, Ch 15; hp 8; NWP: ancient lang., animal handling, & training (horse), local history, musical instrument (flute), r & w, spell craft. Serena is 30yrs, 6', 150lbs, with blonde hair and light brown eyes. She is cheerful and optimistic, with a teasing humor, yet a quiet demeanor.

During the day Ero busily scurries about cataloging books and building book shelves. Serena teases the gruff man when their paths cross, ruffling his messy hair or hiding his glasses. She keeps busy with the day to day aspects of running a business and occasionally works copying texts. During the evenings, when all customers have left, they make beautiful music together in the private upper quarters. (with their instruments.) (Their musical instruments.) Both are followers of the Goddess of Wind. Religious observances and services held outside, all are invited, missionary work done on holy days.

36 Home of Tanner Elbrum, 19 year old human male. Rumors abounded Tan. Some said he could shape shift, that he saved Zamora from a crushing end. Others claimed that he ran from battle, yet performed bravely against overwhelming odds. He has shown a definite talent for music, particularly with his flute. He and Artemus often entertain at the village inn. In Coldeven, 582, Tan brought down the house with a rousing performance. Tanner is a flamboyant, chaotic spirit. He's been known to be especially kind to the needy and underprivileged. However, there is a dark side to Tanner Elbrum that people seldom see. While Tanner views his companions in the highest regard and cherishes their friendship, it's quite a different story when it comes to his enemies. He has a parrot companion, Oscar; a light riding horse, Whitefire, which he uses for his morning rides; and a heavy war horse, Thunder, which he takes on his adventures. Tan had not been seen, nor has he been seeing, for some time. Suddenly, calm as you please, the very bearded, and somewhat grumpy, but with his sight restored, Tan returned to the village near the end of Harvester, accompanied by a non-descript human named Wilhelm.

37 The Unseen Blade Tan Elbrum opened this adventuring guild in Planting, 582. In Reaping, 582, before he left town, he placed it in the capable hands of Shantyra the Ranger and Saugus the Hunter. In Fireseek, 583, Tanner, seeing things more clearly than he had in months, took control of his guild once more.

Saugus Simahichen , [NG em F5]; hp 42; D 18; C 15 chain +1; short sword +2. NWP: animal lore, hunting, leather working, snares/traps. Little is known about Saugus. He spends much of his time combing the nearby woods hunting big game. He tans and sells the skins and furs. Always available for adventure, especially if large animals are involved. He is often seen around town having a running conversation with his sword!

38 The E Major Emporium, a music shop owned by three, er, make that two residents of the Boarding House. Gwyllin the Bard runs the shop for the absentee owners.

39 Arrow's Flight the shop of the local Bowyer/Fletcher, Eron Silverhawk [CG EM R?]. Eron is a master marksman with his long bow. He can find humor in anything even if it is a morbid subject. Not very talkative, Eron often stands alone thinking to himself, or looking at any females he finds attractive or looking over his shoulder just in case. He is of good size for an elf, 5'7", 110 lbs, with a pleasant face.

40 Locksmith's Emporium the shop of Doghvin Penrose [NE ham T6]; hp 32; S 16, D 19, C 15; leather +2; long sword +1, shortsword +2; boots of elvenkind; potions of healing, invisibility, poison, ventriloquism. NWP: herbalism, tumbling, rope use, locksmithing, set snares. A sometimes member of the Lucky dragons, Penrose learned his trade from master thief Gideon Trueflight. Penrose stands an even 3` tall and tips the scale at a mighty 80 lbs. He has blue eyes and dirty brown hair. He runs this shop with the help of his two assistants, Grinkle [N gm T2]; hp 14; and Rattrap, [N gm T1] hp 6; both goblins whom he has befriended. For 25 gp, Penrose will test anyone's security system.

41The Knight Owls' Inn Opened in Harvester, 582, this multi-purpose establishment is a must-visit for all who come to Chatwin! Owned by Fido, the Inn is operated by Grumorald "Grummie" Featherfoot [CG gm R5]; hp 42; S 17, I 15, D 18, C 18; Dagger +2, Longtooth; short sword +1. NWP: blindfighting, read/write, riding land based, set snares, tracking; who also owns a small Pawn Shop within the Inn. At 4'1," 90lbs, Grummie has shoulder length dark brown hair that is tied back. His skin is tanned and he has oak brown eyes, and a large gnomish nose. What he lacks in height, he more than makes up for in his very outgoing, boisterous, loud, energetic type manner. Grummie specializes in archery, as he knows that no hand-held weapon will ever do much, but the right arrow in the eye will blind the biggest of brutes. Speaking of big brutes, Grummie has a special enmity towards giants. "The bigger they are ... ."

Also residing here is Kellay Darkshadow [NG hf T2]; hp 15; D 17, C 16; ring +1NWP: Disguise, Appraising, Rope Use. What is known about her comes from a brief encounter I had with her. "I'm a liberator by profession. That is, I liberate jewelry, baubles, and other riches from those who obviously have more than they need. Why they don't appreciate me and my kind more, I have no idea. You'd think they'd be glad to be rid of all that unnecessary and almost completely useless gold and gems cluttering up their mansions. Unfortunately, the wealthy (and everybody else for that matter) have no appreciation for those in my profession and are always sending the town guard after us. Luckily, the guard have yet to find me. I'm the kind of person most wouldn't look twice at. Brown hair, kinda colorless eyes, and clothes to match allow me to blend into crowds quite nicely. Oh, sure, I suppose I'm a little taller than most women, but I can easily make myself seem shorter if I have to. Besides, when you combine my height, short hair, and wiry figure, most don't even think that I am a woman!

"Lately, I've been doing a lot of traveling. You know, see the world outside the big city. Oh, and by the way, if a big guy who calls himself Scar DeathBlade asks for me, I was never here and you've never heard of Kellay Darkshadow."

as well as, Axiom D'Rune [CG hm F2]; hp 22; S 18/92, D 16, C 16. At 6'9", 280lbs Axiom is hard to miss. He has short cropped black hair, with sky blue/yellow eyes. Axiom D'rune works on the river barges that deliver supplies to the village. He spends most of his time in the bar but oddly doesn't drink like most of his sailor brethren. That is not to say he can't still be quite loud and obnoxious. He lives by the honor of the sea (working previously on an ocean Pinnance before the Captain was devoured by a kraken). He is currently looking to get out of his current place of employment and if something sounded interesting he would gladly leave it in a heartbeat.

and, as of Ready'reat 592, Boilone ibn Boilone, a gnome from Tusmit [LG gm P2(StCuthbert)]; hp 13; W 16 Ch 16; Skills: concentration +5, heal +5, hide +4, listen +5, profession herborist +4; combat casting.  He is noticeable due to his yellow boots and huge orange turban. When he's had a bit too much to drink, he tells the Saga of Yragael the Narcomancer, a rather boring tale. Since the owner Grummie Grumorald is a gnome also, few dare to tell  Boilone to shut up when he comes to the song part of the story! He is very dedicated to St Cuthbert. [Boilone was the first 3ed Ed PC to reside in Chatwin. He ventures in the Living Greyhawk campaign setting.]

42 Velvet Underground, supposed to be Chatwin's new great hot spot, this dilapidated and run down building is all that remains of the false hopes and faint dreams of the one who people knew only as the mysterious `Serpent.'.

43 The home of Grathr [N em F7]; hp 71; S 18/45, D 16, C 16, Cha. 17; Longsword +2, Long Bow +1, Ring of Chameleon Power; NWP: blind fighting, land based riding, navigation, seamanship. A member of an Elite group of elves whose specialty is the recovery of magic items, Grathr has become a member of the village militia.

44Bekra's Heraldry Shop The shop of Vaddyn Bekra [LG hem R7]; hp 49; S 16, D 15, C 15; Leather +3; Ring of Water Walking; Short Sword +2; NWP: Heraldry, Tracking, Ancient History, Direction Sense, Weather Sense, Animal Handling, Survival & Artistic Ability. Vaddyn is 5'7", 155lbs., with dark brown hair and brown eyes. Vaddyn is a semi-retired ranger who his home in Chatwin several years ago. Now, at age 48, he has opened this shop. Vaddyn is an exceptional crafter of fine Heraldic rings, pendants, placques & wall ornaments. He is well travelled, having covered much of the Flaness. There is a sign posted in his front window that reads "No Orcs allowed". To most others, Bekra is a friendly sort, his home in back of the shop with his niece

Morague Rheras [NG hf P3(Pelor)]; hp 23; W 17, C 15;ring +1, quarterstaff +1, potions of extra healing, healing, polymorph; NWP: Direction sense, Heraldry, Herbalism, read/write, Riding, Swimming. Morague was born in Safeton 19 years ago. Her parents died of a plague when she was quite young. She was raised by her Uncle Vaddyn. Morague is a happy, witty girl, 5'6", 142 lbs, with black hair and violet eyes. She has no interest in male companionship at the current time. She has dedicated her life to Pelor and spends much time helping the poor and less fortunate.

45The Rattlesnake Tavern, hidden, some say 'well hidden,' among these non-descript buildings,  is one of Chatwin's few underground establishments. Run by the nefarious Uriah Alekeep. [At least that's what he calls himself]  Known to hold events of unsavory nature. One enters at one's own risk!

There are also many people living in the vicinity of Chatwin

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