Adventuring Groups in Jersey's World

This page is dedicated to the many brave adventuring groups in Jersey's Fantasy World. Below you will find a brief description of the adventuring group, the members of each, and in some cases, the identity of the real person behind them. Some of the players can be reached by email. If you find any of these PCs interesting, you can email the player to learn more about the PC. For those without links, email the Dungeon Master and your comments and questions will be magically passed along.
The adventuring groups in Jersey's campaign world, as of Readying, 594, are

The Little Dragons of Chatwin

The Little Dragons, aka, The Fortunate Five, now down to two, met in Plainview where they stumbled upon and disrupted the beginnings of an evil religious cult. The mages in the group were looking for teachers, so the ranger suggested the village of Chatwin, his home at the time. Once in Chatwin the Little Dragons investigated an explosion at one of the town's mage's houses. Later they recovered some relics from a long forgotten tomb of evil. They also drove off some hobgoblins who were menacing the forests to the north.

They traveled to the coastal village of Saltmarsh where they were supposed to get some enchanted fruit. While waiting for the proper phase of the moon in which to harvest the fruit, they investigated a `haunted house' where they stumbled upon a smuggling operation and dealt it a disruptive blow.

The Lucky Little Dragons' nickname comes from the fortunate way they seem to come upon adventure and from the mascot they acquired during the smugglers' adventure. During this adventure, they also gained the smugglers' ship which they have renamed the Sea Host. They rent the ship out to the merchants of Saltmarsh until they need it themselves. After this adventure, Dax retired to the outskirts of Chatwin. Some say he found a woman and settled down. Penrose opened a locksmith shop in the village [#40]

In late 582, and into 583, Sigil, Galin, and Cymburr, with some others, traveled to the far south to a place called Fort Thunder. Only Sigil and Galin returned!

The Little Dragons are, or were::

The nickname `The Fortunate Five' referred to Cymburr, Dax, Galin, Penrose and Sigil who have managed to survive the rigors of the adventuring life.

The Little Dragons are members of the LaurenHill Dragons, The Role Playing Games Club of LaurenHill Academy.


The Leavien Order of Fighters

The Order of Ley, as it is more commonly known, is beginning to attract a following to the Village of Chatwin. While no non-member knows the location of its secret training quarters, one can at least suggest the major members through various rumors.


The Chatwin Heroes

The Chatwin Heroes met in the village of Plainview where they helped rescue a local girl from the clutches of evil and exposed the Mayor's son for the treacherous young man he was. They traveled to Narwell and eventually to Dyvers, enticed by offers of great rewards. Rumors of adventure and wealth took them through unexplained Mists, underground caverns, and once left them stranded on a rock island where they became pawns in a game between two evil spell casters. Eventually they came to the Village of Chatwin, a once proud little berg whose economy had gone downhill ever since its treasure disappeared some decades ago. They eventually recovered this missing treasure, though they had to go the corpse of and old red dragon to do it! In honor of their accomplishment, they where given commemorative medallions and took the name of The Chatwin Heroes.

Since that time, though they have made Chatwin their homebase, they have continued to adventure. They were almost devoured by a tree, drawn up to a floating castle, and for their last adventure, accompanied the brilliant spell caster, Miss Nottingham, into some lost caverns where they defeated some of the most amazing monsters ever dreamed up in anyone's imagination.

In Flocktime, 582, the four known as Gideon, Hadrian, Maxmillian and Quintos, traveled to Greyhawk City in search of great adventure! There they uncovered and thwarted the attempted take over of the city by a dangerous cult. To view the Free City and read Artemus' account of their adventures there click here.

The still active Chatwin Heroes are:

Retired members include:


Company of the Cloak and Stone

The Cloak and Stone is a group which I play in the Forgotten Realms(TM) setting

The formation of the Adventuring Order of the Cloak and Stone resulted from the chance meeting of Fletcher, Wynonna and Bamfylde on a little used road somewhat east of Maskyr's Eye. As they reached the village, with light snow descending upon them and the temperature dropping, they pooled their resources and purchased three coarse green cloaks to fight off the chill. Days later, once they had exposed the truth in a decade's old mystery which had been plaguing the town, this with the help of Malachyte, each took a black stone gem as his reward. The Cloak and the Stone, then, became their symbols.

As a favor to Mayor Lanz, they helped his friends Ezban the Mage and Moritz his fighter companion from some Orcs. Their reputation in this region was secured. Since then their travels, in the cause of good, have taken them as far north as Mulmaster and as far south as Raven's Bluff. Wynonna has studied with Thurlock the Anagogue and cooked for Ambassador Carrague, and Fletcher and Bamfylde have served on the Night Watch of Raven's Bluff. While helping to guide a caravan south, they made the acquaintance of Indigo, who took a liking to their style and has since become a member of the company. He later introduced his sidekick, Tregar, to the ensemble.

While still in Raven's Bluff, at the Shod Talon Inn, they are planning a major trip to the ruins of Myth Drannor. They have also come into possession of what appears to be a lost artifact of great power. They are also seeking guidance as to what to do with it. For recent service, the Cloak & Stone has been awarded the Feather of Honor from the Knights of the Hawk.

The Order of the Cloak and Stone, as of Flamerule, 1357, is made up of:

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