Residents of Chatwin


Residents of the Inn the Shadow of the Three Towers

Daltonne P. Dalton, [CG hf F3]; hp 41; S 17, I 15, D 15, C 18; Shield +2 `Slipped' into town some time ago; hunts regularly in the local woods and sells her game to the Inn and some of the locals. Rather gruff in appearance and manner, she has joined up with some of the other female adventures in the village, in the hope of making a big score.

Dristarian, [NG em R4]; hp 33; S 17, W 16, C 16; Longsword +1/+2(ogres) NWP: cooking, direction sense, hunting, survival, tracking, taming. Recently arrived from the south, lured to Chatwin by the romance of adventure, and tales of the legendary Heroes, Dristarian and his pet dog, Rukh, have recently met up with the Seekers in Narwell.

O'Dwyer, [CG hm P3(Trithereon)]; hp 28; C 15, W 15; hammer +2 NWP: riding, rope use, read & write, religion. An intinerant, and somewhat irreverant, follower of Tritheron the Summoner, O'Dwyer has come to Chatwin with dire predictions about `the troubles' which are to come. To date, no one has taken him very seriously. Thanks to a generous donation from Wes of Ulek, O'Dwyer has built a wayside shrine to Trithereon on the Old North Road just outside of the village.

Samantha Wyntrewynde aka `Raven', [N(G) hf B5]; hp 29; D 17, C 15, CH 16; dagger +2, ring +2; serpentine owl, bag of holding, mandolin of healing; NWP: acting, disguise, etiquette, local history, musical instruments, read/write, riding, singing. Raven, as she prefers to be called, claims to hail from Raven's Bluff, the Living City. She can usually be found lounging about the Private Study in the Knight Owl's Inn. Since her arrival, she has assembled a collection of works on the World of Greyhawk.

Jared Robicheau, [CG em W3]; hp 10; I 18, D 18; cloak of elvenkind. NWP: cooking, read & write, seamanship. Spells: armour, color spray; displace self, invisibility ... . Jared is from the Grand Kingdom. When he realized he could not afford the fees charged in the larger cities, nor could he compete with the great mages, he sought out a smaller fish bowl. He heard of the competent mages of this area and has learned a spell or two from them. Something of a showman, he tells the occasional tale, plays the mandolin to make ends meet. His found some adventure in the far off Kingdom of Wrotheria. He has recently returned from this world with reports of Nightstalkers, people popping out of bottles, and others falling from the sky! Coming from Wroth to Chatwin with him is his new friend,

Aeral, [NG hf W2] hp 8; I 14, W 14, Ch 15; ring of sustenance. A young girl with coppery hair and green eyes, Aeral is coping with the difficulties of becoming a woman. She still dresses rather dowdily, seeming to have little idea so far of the ways to make the best of her naturally pretty features. She is generally a very nice person with gentle feelings - but has been known to loose her temper on occasion. Her adventuring experience to date consisted of a couple of days of heavy shopping, and a close call with some Night Stalkers. She is looking for work to raise some funds, and both she and Jared are ready for adventure. [Anyone out there needs two PCs?]

Rick th'Untamed, [NG hm R5] hp 40; S 18:97, C 16, W 17; long sword +1; bracers AC 4; ring of fire resistence; cloak of Elvenkind. Little of Rick's past is known. He did help Wedge and the Veiled One put a dent in the Slavers' operations. He has been heard to wonder, "What about Bob?", but no one seems to answer.

Residents of the Boarding House

Ber'inyon Baenre [NG em R5]; hp 45; S 16, W 16, D 17, C 15; long sword +2, cloak of elvenkind, ring +1, . NWP: tracking, hunting, animal handling, running , survival forest, bower/fletcher, herbalism/priest, reading writing, Ber'inyon stands 5'4" and weights 120lbs. He has brown hair and green eyes. He does not say much, but he does claim to make a living as a bounty hunter. Wonder for whom he is looking?

Zantel, (formerly Black Blade), [CG hef F4/T2]; hp 32; S 16, D 18, C 16; Runesword, `White'. An albino of the race, her former name came from her sword's color. Since a venture to Gelatint Castle, she has been freed of the curse of this blade. She seems a little wary of anyone who approaches her. (Web Site)

Bluimdenfield, [CG em M3/T4] hp 20; D 16, I 16; prism of Greyhawk; NWP: tumbling, disguise. There is something regal about Bluimdenfield, some say he is of ancient royal blood. Others take him for a street rat. He came to Chatwin to learn from the `Heroes,' but with so many different groups of heroes to er, choose from ... ?

Delvar Ironfist [NG dm F2]; hp 16; S 17, I 15; Dagger +1, a 4' 6" brown haired, brown eyed dwarf, arrived in Chatwin in the spring of 585, accompanied by his dog. He hails from a Dwarven city in the eastern regions. A plague supposedly brought by the elves had killed most of the population, while Delvar was away. Since that day he wasn't feeling himself anymore thus decided to live his life on the road. His rambles eventually brought him to Chatwin and liked its unique way of life and he hopes to open up a business here.

Larenstyl Enyogaea [N fe(drow) M(Nec)4]; D 15, I 18, W 17; Ring of curing NWP: spellcraft, herbalism, religion. Spells: Cantrips, Chill touch Chromatic orb, magic missiles; Web, Melf's acid arrows, Spectral, Ghoul touch. Larenstyl is an outcast of her clan, chased from her homeland since she did not follow the ideals of her fellow drows. Wandering round many worlds, she has met a lot of people who despise her. Though drow in nature, she does not have the same hatred for others, even elves. She tries desperately to make friends but is not very good at communicating. She came across this small village of Chatwin and has found that there are lots of nice people here. She hopes to make many friends.

Tym Faldon [CG hm F2]; hp 19; S 16, D 15, C 18, Ch 16; potions of healing, strength. A former blacksmith, Tym is a very plain looking young man with ordinary brown hair and a honest face, ruddy from the heat of his forge. Of average height, neither thin nor stout. Like most men of his trade, he has a strong and muscled quality about him. He has a certain style with his warhammer, different from most fighters or clerics. He finds it easier to converse with commoners.

Zhakery Forgehammer, [NG dm C4] hp 33; W 18, C 16; pouch of security; NWP: spellcraft. So small, yet so wise and strong of heart, Zhakery gave up the craft of blacksmithing to further the ways of the church and his patron deity, Ulaa.

Jutos the Just, [LG hogm F3/P3(Heironeous)]; hp 25; S 18-79, W 16, C 16; potions of healing, flying; NWP: Blacksmithing, Common (native), Eating, Endurance, Intimidation, Religion. A war priest from somewhere along the Wild Coast, Jutos, at 7'8," 315 lbs, with short lanky black hair and yellow eyes, has made a big impression on the village.

Lemny [CG kem T7]. Born in Kendermore, Lemny's interest in shinny things has kept him on the move. At age 17 he went on wanderlust, to roam the world of Krynn. Unfortunately he walked into one of the very few gates on the surface of Krynn and ended up in Toril amidst an aggressive and loony drow and a priest of Talos (nice fellow) who showed him that Krynn isn't the only world that exists, but that it's the only world where kenders live. After a couple of years on the surface of Toril he decided to search a way home. Luckily, Toril has a large amount of gates to the planes, so he ended up in Sigil, where people called him 'berk', 'barmy', 'clueless', 'cony-catcher', 'sod' and some other nicknames. People said that if he tried several doors, he might get home through one of them. Several million doors later, having seen nearly every plane, and thrown out of Arcadia (twice for picking flowers), Mount Celestia (three times) and Mechanus (seven times by awful robotic creatures), the last door brought him to Oerth. Upon entry, two men grabbed him and five others destroyed the gate, yelling something like "filthy rotten hell bound evil planar handful of dirt". He managed to break out, hurting the two men severely with his hoopak and taking their shoes in his flight. He's been on Oerth for a couple of months now, and can't seem to find a way out, so he's decided to settle for a while in Chatwin.

Lilege[CG hf M(fire elementalist)] hp 8; C 15; match of everburning. NWP: fire building, spellcraft, ... . Spells: burning hands, ... . Lilege wandered into Chatwin having left a small village to the north after an incident involving purple apples. With her bush of flaming red hair and mischievous, but wise, deep green eyes, some have found her to have a fiery personality. The Boarding House has had a warm glow ever since her arrival.

Lord Gilron Lightweaver [LG em F/M], a Noble Warrior from the far off  elven world of New Alfhiem, has become a sometimes resident of Chatwin. Rumor has it the Gideon Trueflight is off with him right now in Darkmoor. Gilron has some truly remarkable magical abilities! He carries the great magical sword Scorebane.

Nari Laliiriel [CG hef T2(Scout)/R2]; hp 16; D 18, W 15; NWPs: Blind Fighting, Direction Sense (16), Sound Analysis(13), Fishing(14). Nari was born on Toril, but due to an unfortunate accident relating to a mistaken Planar Gate, she has been transported to Oerth. For the time being, she and her friends are content with their lives here and are not actively seeking a way back although anyone with any information on how to do so would be paid handsomely. Nari is an able to scout and bodyguard for anyone willing to temporarily buy her services.

Maliki [?? dm F2]; hp 28; S 18/79, D 16, C 18. I 15; NWP: blind fighting, swimming, navigation. Maliki is one of seven children but his family is in another world. When he was 53 in the middle of a battle with his brothers at his side, a magician cast him through a portal which brought him to Chatwin. When he arrived he hit his head on a rock and vaguely remembered who he was. Thus he has a never-ending quest to find his family.

Nexroth , [LN hm C3]; hp 30, a cleric of Wee Jas. Once drained of all desire to adventure, he returned in some weird way to his old self.

Pirvan `the Brave', [NG hm F2]; hp 23; S 18:70, D 15, C 16. This blue eyed, brown haired fighter hails from `up North.' A scar mars the lightly tanned skin of his right cheek. Rumor has it that Pirvan gained this badge of courage in his flight from his homeland, something about `ideological differences.' He says little about this, only "It's good to be in Chatwin.". He appears to be in the house guarding business.

Quicke, 23 yrs, [NG hf F6]; hp 40; S 17, D 15, Ch 16. A tall, slender, black haired, blued eyed woman, Quicke came to Chatwin from Enstad, Province of Celene, where she once ventured with such luminaries as Krag the Ranger; Thelonious, the missing Monk; and Meriweather, now the arch-Druid of the Welkwood.

Janice Ogrebane [NG hf F14]; hp 73; S 16, D 16, C 15. Bracers AC 4, Ogrebane [ancestral vorpal long sword +3], winged boots (MV 24-B), dagger +2, elven bow of charging +3. NWP: fishing, firebuilding, blindfighting, riding, airborne, animal lore, survival-forest, reading/writing.

Janice is 71 inches and slim with shoulder length dark-blond hair and green eyes. Although she is 34 she appears to be only 23. Janice is a seasoned veteran of Oerth, having ventured not only along the Wild Coast and in the Domain of Greyhawk (the Gnarley Forest and the Abbor-Alz in particular), but also from isolated Blackmoor to distant Sunndi. Presently, she brings word of difficult times ahead for Sterich, where humanoids seem to be massing.

Sollace, 16yrs, [?G hf T4]; hp 18; S 15, D 17; leather +1; potions: healing (x2), levitation; NWP: Swimming, rope use, jumping, running, wrestling. At 5'4", 52 kg, Solace would blend into a crowd, if it weren't for her blue hair which accentuates her blue eyes! She is a stranger to Chatwin and the Greyhawk world, transported here when she unwisely decided to fiddle around with a magical gem, `Cold Chisel', she had stolen. Unfortunately, the gem was not transported with her.

Weschminster of Ulek [CG hm F3] S 17, D 18, C 16; NWP: snares, tracking. Wes is a rugged looking 5' 11' of unrestrained fury, seemingly able to absorb much more damage than expected. His blue eyes and platinum gold hair accentuate his warrior appearance and manage to convey some charm to his normally stern personality.

Jessa Wren [LG ef F4]; hp 35; S 18:99, I 16, D 17, C 16, Ch 16. A Kagonesti (Wood) Elf, Jessa has silver blonde hair which she wears in a twist at the nape of her neck, and steel grey eyes - eyes which belie a touch of sadness. Is it loss or longing?

In the Chatwin Vicinity

Some distance west of Chatwin, about a half day's ride, is the compound of Cymburr, a human male ranger and Dax, a human male fighter. Both were members of the Little Dragons. Dax has retired, and Cymburr was rumored to be dead. However, in Flocktime, 584, he suddenly returned, having been found in the Amedeo Jungle south of Fort Thunder by some adventurers, most notably Kirkis [CG em T5]; hp 29;ring +1; short sword +1, dagger +1; who now lives with them. The area is patrolled by their pet brown bear `Anwar.'

If one goes west to the edge of the Welkwood, crosses the Jewel River, and follows the river north, one will come to the Lakeside Villa of Andar, [LG hm F2/M4]; hp 30; and the Veiled One, [G hf P6(Pelor the God of Light.)]; hp 39. No one has ever seen the face of the Veiled One. Some say it is deformed in such a way as to be able to cause fear. They took up in this villa after dispatching the creatures, including a skulk, which had taken it over. They have since been join by Basil, [NG em F5/M5]; hp 36.

The Elite Order has moved into the hills north of Chatwin, as of Coldeven, 583. The Elite Order is a 'corporation' consisting of 6 elves who serve the mage, Stlirx. The Order's job is to help Stlirx gain spells and magical items. They have come to the Chatwin vicinity to settle down for a few years. Stlirx is looking for recruits so anyone who is interested should contact him.

The members of the Elite Order are: