Welkwood to the Wild Coast


"Here Yee, Here Yee. So that all may know and all may find, I present the major points of interest which have come into play in the adventures which have centered around the Vibrant Village of Chatwin."

as reported by Artemus Buttwyler, Scribe of Chatwin

Gazetteer of the Region

Herein lies the guide to the labeled areas:

Austell A little village on the south of a vast woods. The source of rumors for the lost Citadel of Tintagel, which once served as a defense post for the river entrance. At the urging of their higher ups, good clerics Zachery of Ulaa and Galin of Pholtus led a brave party which found and cleared this lost keep. Unfortunately, Orion ran not swiftly enough.

BeachlaughterAn out of the way village on the edge of the Welkwood, last known home of the mage Zaron.

Bretton Woods Many have ventured into these woods in aid of the various elven tribes which reside here.

In Sunsebb, 579, the petulant Wizardess, Miss Nottingham helped forge an alliance between some firbolgs, Lady Ugleranod, and the Black Unicorn, `Onyx,' to court the favor of the Normalai Elves. During this venture the Elf, Balenzeran, tried on one necklace too many.

In Sunsebb, 580, another group entered these woods to help the Grugarh Elves. In the events which transpired, Mallory lost his Elven Cloak, Hadrian temporarily lost his mind, and Jasmine just got lost.

Most recently the Fortunate Five, with an elf named Orion and some others, had a `little trouble' dealing with the forces of darkness.

Bunglewoods Some bandits were giving travelers through this area a `little' trouble, till Gimbold, Merton and others stepped on them.

Davyd's Rest Arioch, Eden, Zamora and the rest had a `ball' finding a missing dog here.

The Downs

Andar and the Veiled One had done service here in 580. As a result, Delon became Andar's mentor.

The Seekers came here in Patchwall, 582, to help Delon the Sage and the farmers of this region, whose harvests were being affect by a curse. As well they sought a cure for the Centaur which was rumored to be a druid. Delon told them that they must find Lost Ones.

Fortunado The Chatwin Heroes came here in Reaping, 580. After wishing they were gnolls for a while, they realized they preferred their former selves. Maximillian Sterling gained his long sword `Fortune' here.

Greyhawk City In an effort to put the past behind them and to find future glories, four of the Chatwin Heroes have traveled to this city, Flocktime, 582. To view the city and to follow their adventures click here. By Ready'reat, 582, they had sucessfully dealt with the Cult of the Falcon.

Harper's Gamble The home of Greenbriar College, of which Artemus Buttwyler became a member in Patchwall, 581, after rescuing famed Bard Kilkieran from a delectable family situation.

Manglo Quintos Silverleaf, Ignatious Nusmith, Sir Rocco, and others found themselves incarcerated here, Goodmonth 581. After Gideon sprung them from the jail, Quintos and Ignatious exchanged harsh words and went each his separate way. The Chatwin Heroes went on hiatus.

Narwell A major city where the Chatwin Heroes have had some fiery times, especially when they rescued Ren o' The Star.

In the summer of 582, the Seekers solved the murder of the penmaker. At the same time, the Femmes Fatales did service for the Baron, Lord Blaine.

Plainview It was in this quiet little stage stop that those who would go on to become the Chatwin Heroes first met in Coldeven, 579. The farmers here still speak of the generosity of Gideon Trueflight. The mayor is still out for the blood of Meredoth, Rolland, and Stryker; something to do with a tea set.

In Patchwall, 581, the Fortunate Five met here and found the Symbol of Rule for a grateful village.

Rillford Werthan, a farmer from this village, was last seen leaving Chatwin. A month later, Wealsun, 582, The Seekers brought him, and some magic grain, out of the Dark Woods. As they neared Chatwin, they learned of a stricken unicorn. They eventually aided this unicorn, Silverlance, and gained their goblin ally, Gork the Runt.

Rockburg In Flocktime, 579, the Chatwin Heroes helped the Gargoyles find their wings. In Goodmonth, they looked into the disappearance of Branod Colnet, and Ignatious got his Lion Shield.

Herein follows the key to the numbered areas:

1 The Company of Welkwood: After ridding the forest of the crazed Druid Eronious in Readying, 577, some of the band decided to make the forest their area to preserve and defend. They took over the log encampment of Eronious, and held it against an assualt by a band of evil dooers, each of whom had a bone to pick with at least one member of this Company. Since that time they have worked to maintain balance in the forest. The members of the Company of Welkwood are:

Meriweather, [N hf D12]; hp 78; W 17, D 17, C 17, Ch 15; Cauldron of the Great Druid; Orb of Climate Control; Rod of Welkwood, Staff of Thunder and Lightning. Meriweather has traveled to the far reaches of Oerth to maintain this balance. She is the only person able to converse with the Great Oak. She has two followers:

Padeirkan, [LN gm I5] hp 27; S 17, I 18, W 17, D 18, C 16, Ch 15; Cloak +2; Boccob's Blessed Book, Wand of Polymorph.

Willaine, [N haf T7]; hp 40; D 18; short sword +2; rope of climbing.

Other members of The Company of Welkwood are:

Mallory Thorpe [CG hm R10]; hp 81; S 18, W 18, D 15, C 17; long sword +2, `Willow,' long sword +5 defender, 'Life Stealer,' sword of dancing, `Footloose'; Cloak of the Chameleon. Mallory completed three legs of the Druid's quest with Meriweather. He has an incredible collection of magic swords, which exudes jealousy from some other adventurerers. To this he says, " ... ." Mallory tends to be very closed mouthed, indeed.

Proverb of Baskerville, [C(G) dm F8]; hp 71; I 15, D 17, C 17; Hammer +3 Dwarven Thrower, light crossbow of speed +1; Shield of the White Dragon. .Though Proverb is co-owner of both a tower, Raela's, and a tavern, Night of the Dwarf, in Enstad, he has a great love of these woods. A typical dour dwarf, famous for his sayings. "I never met a foe I wouldn't fight," claims Proverb.

Sylvannus [CG hem R5]; hp 51; Studded Leather +2; Sunsword of Light, `Brightblade'.

2 Grove of the Druid Mantis Tufeather, [N hm D8]; hp 27. Mantis is a disciple of Meriweather and oversees the eastern region of the forest. Mantis is also a member of the Chatwin Heroes.

3 Abbey of Montelegro, where Tan Elbrum and others solved a strange murder. The waters of this Abbey are said to have tremendous recuperative powers. The Femmes Fatales came here, Patchwall, 582, looking for clues to the lost stronghold of Gelatint. But first they had to find Brother Bernadino.

4 Uncle Jonathan's Keep. Grimes Lunt's Uncle Jonathan left this keep to him. In Ready'reat, 581, a band headed by Shantyra the Ranger ventured to it and cleared it of the Lostafinga Hobgoblins.

5 Lakeside Villa of Andar, [LG hm F2/M4]; hp 30; the Veiled One, [G hf P6(Pelor the God of Light.)]; hp 39; and Basil, [NG em F5/M5]; hp 36. They gained this abode when they removed the former tenant who was `skulking' about. The Veiled One owns the mysterious cape `Mirage.' A recent visitor, Hacienda, brought with him the `Sceptre of Draven'. Who knows to what adventure this may lead?

In Patchwall, 582, the Femmes Fatales headed here to consult them concerning Black Blade's mysterious sword Fear. They were directed to Montelegro.

6 Village of Lowick. Many farmers from this village travel all the way to Chatwin to grind their grain for some strange reason. The Femmes Fatales undertook an investigation, Wealsun, 582, and some time later solved the mystery. .

7 Cragrapid Keep. It was on the lonely and barren rock in Harvester, 579, that Good Cleric Sebastian of Veluna, [LG hm C8]; hp 50; W 17, D 15, C 15; Mace +3; Bracelet of Protection from Petrification; first encountered the Chatwin Heroes. With their help, he cleared the castle of its evil denizens. Unfortunately, Stryker saw his life ooze away, while Loganus learned that a foot is better than a yard.

Since then Sebastian has set about to make it into a Temple dedicated to St Cuthbert. He has a hunchback henchmen, Bulghvus [N(G) hm T5] hp 31; S 16, D 17, C 16; whom he has enthralled to the cause; and Glefsham, a Norker servant.

8 Draven's Deep It was here in Readying, 581, that the Veiled One, Andar, along with Northstar, a cleric of Trithereon, helped some Sea Elves in a very explosive adventure. The Veiled One acquired her red cape, `Mirage,' here as well.

9 The Swamp Rumors abound about the swamp and its supposed inhabitants. There is a small village, Monpelone, in there somewhere. Some say a great wizard once ruled over the swamp. Some members of the Unseen Blade and others ventured here, under the name Merton suggested, Wheels of Fire. They rid the village of an ages old curse.

In Ready'rest, 582, the Terrific Three, with some others, entered this swamp and found themselves in some forgotten realm!

10 Abbey Isle A popular hideout for evil doers. In Patchwall, 581, the clerics of good, Zamora and Grimbold, led a group across the bone-filled beach to find the ruins. There they drove away the most recent evil cult which resided inside.

11 Tintagel Since Wealsun, 582, this old keep is being restored by the clerics of Pholtus and Ulaa.

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