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"In Flocktime, 582, four of those known as the Chatwin Heroes set out for the Free City of Greyhawk. Two, Hadrian the Illusionist and Gideon the Rogue, rode aboard the Ebon Fly `Spirit.' The bold fighters, Maximillian and Quintos, rode upon the Sterling Griffon, `Winnowil'. They arrived outside the Marsh Gate of the Free City in the late afternoon of 9 Flocktime. The maps, key, and text below will help yee to follow their glorious adventures."
as reported by Artemus Buttwyler, Scribe of Chatwin

The Northern City

The Southern City

9 Flocktime, 582

10 Flocktime, 582

The next morning the Four were dismayed to learn that Talasek had been roughed up by someone after he left the Inn.

11 Flocktime 582

The Four return to the Temple of St. Cuthbert and accompany Talasek to his home. He determines that nothing has been taken. The discovery of talcum powder leads Hadrian to deduce that a mage has cast detect invisibility in here.

Gideon shows a crude sketch of the pendant worn by the man he thought was spying on them the night of the attack on Tal. "Like a fork with three tines, only the outer two tines diverge at sharp angles from the center one."He adds that he will visit some place where he alone can go. He establishes a code for communication and for finding him should he become missing.

Talasek and the others head to the Low Marketplace [#10 south map] in the hopes of finding someone who might recognize the pendant from the sketch. Along the way they acost an old lady whose only crime was to be wearing a blue cloak. Eventually they arrive at the Low Market, where one jewel merchant does seem to recognize the sketch, but is not forthcoming with any information.

They go to the Merchant and Traders Guild [T4 south map] where they pay a visit to their old acquaintance Ren O' the Star. He agrees to do some checking up for them. They return to the Whistling Fish for supper. Gideon shows up rather dirty, but insists the Thieves' Guild is clean.

12 Flocktime, 582

Awakened at 2 AM with a note telling them of another attack on Tal, they rush off, only to find themselves in a deadly ambush! Barely surviving this encounter with the blue robed, medallion wearing assassins, Hadrian, Max and Quintos find themsleves taken into custody, while Gideon slinks off into the night to find out the truth about Tal.

Gideon safely reaches the Temple. There he is cared for by the good clerics of Cuthbert. Tal is fine and did not send the letter. He introduces his cousin, Meagan Syndervendt, a paladin, who arrvied earlier this evening.

By noon with no word from the other Heroes, Gideon, Meagan, and Brigitte head towards the Grand Citadel. Along the way, they encounter Krag Karn, someone Gideon knows from the city of Enstad in Celene. Krag joins them. They arrive at the Citadel to greet Max, Quintos and Hadrian as they are being escorted out. Nestor was very suspicious of their story, and accused them of having a fight among themselves! They return to the Temple for much needed healing.

Later that afternoon, they make their way to Shacktown where they visit Father Nicoli. He tells them that at least ten people have dissapeared over the past few months. By looking in the diary of one the missing men, they learn that Nestor has been around, and that someone seemed to be casing people. Gideon is left behind as a spy, to spend a night in the cold misty rain. The others head back to the city, to a night of good food and warm beds.

13 Flocktime, 582

The Heroes wake in the Whistling Fish to the sight of a trussed up messenger; Gruenab was taking no chances this time! Turns out that Ren wants to see them. The three head over to see him. Meanwhile, Krag and the two ladies spend a hedonistic morning in his suite at the Star of Celene Inn.

Ren tells the three that he has heard of strange events, akin to earthquakes, in the area of the city known as the Great Burn. He agrees to check up on Nestor. The three head over to the Star of Celene. Seems Krag and the ladies are spending a hedonistic afternon as well.

Plans are made to check out the Great Burn after dark. As dusk falls, they hear from Gideon. He is on the trail of a sucpicious someone. As luck would have it, he is led to the Great Burn and the others meet him there.

They `enter' what turns out to be a food processing warehouse, one of the three structures still standing in the Burn. Hearing noises, they take cover, and are able to follow two men who lead them through a secret opening into the sewers of Greyhawk. Eventually, with the help of Gideon's dog `Rufus,' and Krag's tracking abiltiy, they find a secret room, filled with bones and the symbol of IUZ on one wall. Brigitte suggests a return to the Temple to report and to think.

14 Flocktime, 582

At the Temple of St. Cuthbert, Talasek has located his grandfather Talamar's diary. The lengthy account tells of his venture below the city ending in a battle with blue robed minions and their leader-a creature of unknown type, "snake, woman, bird." After a great battle, Talamar and his companions managed to trap the creature within a sphere. Talasek expressed concern that there might be an attempt to free this creature by these modern day cultists.

That night, The Heroes, with Krag, Sister Brigitte, and Meagan descend into the sewers to investigate. They discover the cult in its full glory in the midst of a effort to free the imprisoned creature. A major battle ensued. When it was over, many of the cultists had been slain, but the snake woman, referred to as The Falcon had been freed, and she, along with the leaders, had fled. A thorough search of the complex turned up many documents which must be studied, as well as four people who had been kidnapped from Shacktown. The Heroes were certain, however, that the cult had evil designs on the city of Greyhawk.

15 Flocktime, 582

Emerging from the underground complex, the Heroes were discovered by members of the City Watch, led by Nestor himself. The clerics of Cuthbert had become concerned with their well being and had enlisted the Watch's aid.

Back at the Temple, they turn over the documents for further study by the cloister. Each member of the group sets about his or her own agenda for the next month.

Wealsun, 582

Krag kept an eye on Shacktown; he saw no further evidence of Cult activity. Gideon visited the Thieves's Guilds; Max set about researching the Lion Knights (something from the Heroes Past); Quintos, following a lead from Ren, told the others that he was heading to Enstad for personal reasons. Hadrian planned to join the Wizards' Guild, and visit the College of Magical Arts. Meagan made a retreat in order to gain a level. Brigitte helped the clerics examine the documants.

Reaping, 582

Talasek shares new information from his grandfather, Talamar's, diary. One of Talamar's companion, a mage named Mizaab, spent many years searching for the Falcon's hidden lair, and apparently found it, and made a detailed map of its location. But, does this map still exist?

Goodmonth, 582

The Heroes become Contributing Members of the library and use its resources to find information on Mizaab, who has not be seen in twenty years. He was an expert of magical flight and obsessed with dragons. Hadrian finally gains entry to, and joins the Wizard's Guild, where a mage named Connery confirms what they know about the missing Mizaab. He figures the old fellow finally met a dragon, who had him `for dinner.'


Coinciding with the return of Quintos, and his restored long sword of Justice, Eritai, head priestess of the Temple of St. Cuthbert, presents the Heroes with Mizaab's missing map. The map suggests that the Falcon's secret lair is located in the Cairn Hills, some three days north of Greyhawk.

12 Harvester, 582

Following the map, the Heroes head north along a tributary of the Selitan River. Before making camp for the night, they scare off some ocrs. During the night, their camp is raided by some hobgoblins. Hadrian charms one, while the others are slain.

13 Harvester, 582

The next day, while crossing a chasm by means of a stone bridge of Dwarven construction, the are unceremoniously dropped into the chasm as the bridge turns to mud beneath them. Muddy, but intact, they continue.

14 Harvester, 582

After navigating another chasm, and receiving a message from head shaped boulders, they arrive at the area where they expect to find the hidden lair.

15 Harvester, 582

After searching from early to mid-morning, the Heroes find an entrance. Inside, they are set upon by Jermalaines, Otyughs, and have a major battle with some Trolls. Gideon, as a bat, finds a way to a lower level. Exploration of the lower level reveals once fine living quarters now in decay. But there are clear signs that a snake like creature, and perhaps a flying creature, have been here recently, and that some items, probably spell books, have been removed. Before they emerge from the lair, Gideon's owl Oliver' reports sighting a very large Falcon emerging from the mountains and flying off to the south.

19th Harvester, 582

Three days journey, and encounters with hill giants and a roc behind them, the Heroes find themselves on the Selitan, one day away from Greyhawk. As they head towards the city, they encounter many people, too many people, heading the other way. Queried by Quintos, they tell of growing terror in the city. The Heroes decide to pick up their pace.

20th Harvester, 582

At 2 AM, The Heroes enter the city via the Warfgate. All seems quiet ... until thunder cracks across the sky. No, actually, across the way. A huge ball of flame erupts from beyond some buildings a quarter mile away. Bridgette identifies the area as near the Temple of St. Cuthbert. The Heroes race towards the conflagaration. As they take in the sight, they realize that the Temple is under full siege! After a titanic struggle, the forces of good managed to drive back the forces of evil-for now, at least

21st Harvester, 582 With no attack on the Temple this night, the morning finds the Heroes at a `meeting of the minds,' with Eritai Kaan-Ipzirel, head of the temple, and Derider Fanshen of the City Watch. At the suggestion of these two women, the Heroes gather their belongs, and are led by Talsek to a safe house in the northeast corner of the city. The owner, known to the city as the Sturtevant, turns out to be the missing mage Mizaab, among other `things.'

22nd Harvester, 582

The Heroes, in various disguises and illusions, spread out across the city to learn of any rumors of the Falcon's presense. Nothing! However, late that night, their safehouse is attacked, amid accusations directed against the Heroes that they performed a variety of illegal acts in the city that day. The Heroes know the charges are false, but the mob seems serious.

23rd Harvester, 582

Sturtevant informs them that Derider wants to meet with them at noon time. At this meeting, she tells tham that she suspects that someone in the Citadel is on the Falcon's side. She gains the Heroes' aid in setting a trap for whoever this might be. Latter that evening, when this trap is sprung, they net a big fish indeed, none other than Nestor Morden! That night the safe house is assalted once more. It more than holds its own, though help is need to put out fires in the woods outside.

24th Harvest, 582

As a `thank you' Derider treats the Heroes to a night of entertainment at the Patrician's Club. They meet the grand diva of the Royal Opera House, Aestrella Shanfarel, who seems to have eyes for Sturtevant, and he for her.

25th Harvester, 582

Sturtevant learnd that Aestrella has disapeared! He becomes frantic, as he fears for her life. The Heroes increase their survelliance of the city.

1st Patchwall, 582

After a couple days of fruitless searching, and heavy rains, they get a break. A soldier has noticed a strange whirlpool in the Selintan. Closer examination reveals a rift in the river bottom. The Heroes, Mizaab and Talasek in tow, enter the whirlpool. They follow a shaft into a large cave area where they encounter a large group of Derro! After many battles, and serious injuries, loss of magic items which oozed away, out of healing for the moment, they take refuge in some of the derro rooms, using a wall of ice to keep them safe until, they hope, morning.

During the night, the only disturbance was Krag's snake dream which seemed to sooth him. The next day, the Heroes delved deeper into this area till they found another of the Cult's Temples. This time, they charmed one of the novices and used him as a guide. A huge fight took place in the worship room. The Max, Quintos, and Krag found themselves up against some raised former foes; this time they put the dead to rest for good. Gideon managed to slay the mage, and the Falcon fled. They trapped her in a final cave, and another major battle ensued. She went through three transformations and poisoned Megan before she was finally destroyed for good, they all hoped. Aestrella, the missing singer, was found.

Ready'reat, 582The Heroes meet with Mizabb one last time. He gave some of them specific rewards. Then, he told them of troubles to the north, and specified that Griffon Castle, the one shared by Max and Quintos in Grand March, could well paly a pivotal role in security. Apparently, more and more people are fleeing from Bissel and the north, amid rumors that giants in the Yatil Mountains have been raiding the country side. He suggested they find themselves another mage, a few more clerics, and be prepared to take action by Spring, 583.

Thus ends the "Falcon Trilogy", as played by the Chatwin Heroes. If anyone would like more details, DMs with game play questions, please use the email link below. I'd love to hear from you. A new page will be added in the future as the Chatwin Heroes go "Against the Giants."
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