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                Canadian Dimension articles

                    I recently rediscovered a series of articles written for Canadian Dimension (CD),
                the national left social democratic political magazine,  from 1989 on. (The articles,
                listed below in chronological order, include book reviews and a few Green Web Bulletins.
                Many of the articles were originally published in a regular column written for CD by me
                from 1990 until 1992, until the column was terminated by the magazine. Some of the more
                recent articles were posted online, on the Canadian Dimension web site. The articles have
                been brought together mainly to make their accessibility known to others through the
                internet and our web site, although only some of them can be currently accessed through
                internet search engines. However, most university libraries would presumably have back
                issues of Canadian Dimension. (Some of the articles are also listed elsewhere in our
                list of publications.) I myself had lost track of quite a number of these articles, some of
                which, I feel, e.g. “Thinking like a mountain”, remain of interest for contemporary deeper
                Green eco-politics and for understanding ongoing attempts to define a relationship
                between the Green and the Red here in Canada and elsewhere.

            1. “Canadian Greens: On the Political Margins”, by Helga Hoffmann and David Orton,
, November/December 1989, Volume 23, Number 8.
            2. “Sustainable development: What a concept”, CD, March 1990.
            3. “Thinking like a mountain”, CD, April/May 1990.
            4. “A No-Growth Economy”, CD, June 1990.
            5. “Two environmental tendencies”, CD, July/August 1990.
            6. “Pulpwood forestry”, CD, September 1990.
            7. “Forest Spraying: A Gathering Storm”, CD, October 1990.
            8. “A Tree Farm Is Not A Forest”, CD, November/December 1990.
            9. “Humans as a ‘pest’ species”, CD, January/February 1991.
            10. “Pulp Mills: Know your enemy”, CD, March 1991.
            11. “What is green thinking?”, CD, June 1991.
            12. “Pulp mills - the regulatory illusion”, CD, July/August 1991.
            13. “New Age deep ecology”, CD, September 1991, Volume 25, Number 6.
            14. “The 12% solution”, CD, October/November 1991.
            15. “The National Parks”, CD, December 1991.
            16. “House greens”, CD, January 1992.
            17. “Reflections on Rio”, CD, October 1992.
            18. Book review of Andrew Dobson, Green Political Thought: An Introduction,
                CD, May/June 1994.
            19. “Is sustainable forestry possible?”, CD, May/June 1994.
            20. Book review of Trouble in the Woods: Forest Policy & Social Conflict in
                NS & NB, edited by Anders Sandberg, CD, October/November 1994.
            21. “Rethinking Environmental-First Nations Relationships”, CD, February/March
            22. “Deep Left Dilemmas”, CD, July/August 1996.
            23.  “Rudolf Bahro (1935-1997) A Tribute”, CD, March/April 1998.
            24. Book review of Maude Barlow and Tony Clarke, Global Showdown, CD,
                September/October 2001, Volume 35, Number 5.
            25. “Reclaiming the Commons: Responding to Climate change and Peak Oil”,
, online, June 2006.
            26. “Environmental Activists who are Changing the World” Six short biographies on
                Don Sullivan, David Orton, Elizabeth May,  Claude Villeneuve, David Martin and
                Judy Da Silva, CD, July/August, 2006, Volume 40, Number 4.
             27. “Climate Change Pollyannas” a review of Global Warming For Dummies,
                by Elizabeth May and Zoë Caron, online, February 2009.

            Synthesis/Regeneration articles

                Starting in 2002, the US publication Synthesis/Regeneration: A Magazine of
            Green Social Though
t began printing a number of articles by me which were written
            from a deep ecology and left biocentric perspective. The following articles and book reviews
            from S/R by David Orton are listed in chronological order. They are brought together here
            to make them better known to others. Some of these articles and reviews are listed
            elsewhere in our list of publications. Most of them can be accessed through the S/R
            web site: http://www.greens.org/s-r/

            1. Book  review “Daring Fishing Revelations” of Michael Dwyer’s Sea of Heartbreak:
                The Extraordinary Account Of A Newfoundland Fishing Voyage
, with a foreword
                by Farley Mowat, S/R 28, Spring 2002.
            2. “Deep Ecology Perspectives”, S/R 32, Fall 2003.
            3. “The Ecocentric Left and Green  Electoralism”, S/R 36, Winter 2005.
            4. “Economic Philosophy and Green Electoralism”, S/R 37, Spring 2005.
            5. “Some Critical Thoughts on the NDP”, S/R 40, Summer 2006.
            6. “What Makes a Deep Green Lawyer?”, S/R 42, Winter 2007.
            7. “Reclaiming the Commons”, S/R 43, Spring 2007.
            8. Book  review “Monbiot and Deep Dilemmas” of George Monbiot’s Heat: How To
                Stop The Planet From Burning
, S/R 45, 2008.
             9. Book review (partial) “Climate Change Pollyannas” of Global Warming For
, by Elizabeth May and Zoë Caron, S/R 49, Spring 2009.

    Deep Ecology and The Green Movement by D. Orton, The New Catalyst,
    Number 6, Winter 1986/87. This is an evaluation of Deep Ecology: Living as if
    Nature Matters, by Bill Devall and George Sessions. For the authors' response,
    see Devall, The New Catalyst, Number 7, Spring 1987 and Sessions, The New
    Catalyst, Number 8, Summer 1987. (Note additional deep ecology book reviews/
    critical assessments, of Arne Naess, Warwick Fox, Robin Eckersley, Andrew Dobson,
    David Rothenberg, Richard Sylvan, Gandhi, Rudolf Bahro and Joanna Macy.)

    The New Politics of the Environment Book review by D. Orton of Red And
    Green, edited by Joe Weston, Pluto Press, 1986. Published in the New Catalyst,
    Winter 1987/88.

    A German View of the German Greens, a review by David Orton of The German
    Greens: A Social and Political Profile
by Werner Hülsberg, 1988. Published in The
    New Catalyst, April 1989.

               “Deck the Halls with Boughs of...” Poison? What’s on the family Christmas tree?
            Probably more than needles
, by David Orton. Published in Soundings, New Maritimes,
            November/December 1989.

    Points of Consideration re: The Earth First! Debate - Letter published
    in the Earth First! Journal Dec.21, 1990, and in the Glacial Erratic, Winter 1990.

          Informed Consent or Informed Rejection of Pesticide Use – a concept for environmental
action against forest spraying,
Philosophy and Social Action, India, Vol. 16, No. 4,
Oct.-Dec. 1990.

 <>               Environmentalism: More Than Recycling – a letter to the editor to New Maritimes,
             March/April 1991.

     Pesticides: Points of Contention, by D. Orton, January 1991, published in InforMed,
     a journal of The Medical Society of Nova Scotia. 

    Book review by D. Orton of Toward A Transpersonal Ecology: Developing
    New Foundations For Environmentalism , by Warwick Fox, 1990. Printed in
    Canadian Dimension, under the title "New Age deep ecology", September 1991,
    Vol. 25, No. 6.

    An Alternative Vision for Wildlife in Nova Scotia A three-page document by the
    Green Web, presented at a "Wildlife Strategy" conference, in response to the position
    paper Today's Challenge – Tomorrow's Legacy, A Wildlife Strategy For Nova
, January 1992.

    Nova Scotia's Forests Under Assault September 1992. Eight pages. A
    composite article, by the Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides and the Green Web.

        Ecofeminism: Personal Reflections - article by David Orton, submitted to the
Australian movement publication, formerly called The Deep Ecologist, December 6, 1992.

      No to Plantation Forestry, letter by D. Orton, published in Wilderness Alberta,
Vol. 22 No. 4, December 1992.

    Book review by D. Orton, of Trouble In The Woods: Forest Policy and Social
    Conflict in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick,  edited by L. Anders Sandberg.
    Fredericton: Acadiensis Press, 1992. Shortened version published in Wild Lands
    Advocate, the news quarterly of the Alberta Wilderness Association, October 1993,
    under the title, "No Green Vision Of The Forest." Full version published in
    Canadian Dimension, October-November 1994, Vol. 28, No. 5.

    Nematode Alert Two one-page statements issued in April 1993 by the Green
    Web, alerting environmentalists and the public to the use of nematodes as a
    "biological control" against the debarking weevil, the spruce budmoth, and other
    so-called pests.

    Fighting Forest Spraying in Nova Scotia article by D. Orton, Earth First!
    Journal December 1993.

    Book review by D. Orton of Ecology, Community and Lifestyle, 1989, by
    Arne Naess. Printed in CNS, Volume 4(4), Issue Sixteen, December 1993.

    Book review by D. Orton of Environmentalism and Political Theory: Toward
    an Ecocentric Approach , by Robyn Eckersley, 1992. Published in the British
    journal Green Line, under the title "Ecocentricity", No. 107, May 1993.

    Book review by D. Orton of Green Political Thought: An Introduction, by
    Andrew Dobson, 1990. Printed in Canadian Dimension, May-June 1994, Vol. 28,
    No. 3.

    Book review by D. Orton of Conversations With Arne Naess: Is It Painful
    To Think? by David Rothenberg, 1993,  under the title "Revised deep ecology
    platform surprising and disheartening". Printed in  Alternatives, September/
    October 1994, Vol. 20, No. 4. (Arne Naess by personal letter of Jan. 10, 1997,
    has denied Rothenberg's assertion that 'sustainable development' was to be
    included in the 8-point Deep Ecology Platform.)

    In Memory of Richard Sylvan. Tribute to a friend (1935-1996), and
    influential Australian deep ecologist, philosopher and forestry activist, on learning
    of his death on June 16, 1996. Published in The Trumpeter, Winter 1997, Vol. 14,
    No. 1.

    Biocides: The Larger Picture by D. Orton. Talk to a community meeting in
    Corner Brook, Newfoundland on August 13, 1997.

    Thinking about Gandhi by D. Orton, Nov. 30, 1997.  A response to reading
    Robert Payne's 1969 book Life and Death of Mahatma Gandhi and an
    assessment of the place of Gandhi's thinking in the radical environmental movement
    and in deep ecology.

    A Critique of Biological Controls by D. Orton, Dec. 7, 1997. A list of general
    points that need to be made about the use of biological controls from a left biocentric
    philosophical perspective. Published under the title "Biological Controls Not
    Harmless" in Watershed Sentinel, Vol. 8, No. 2, June/July 1998. Also published as
    an Opinion article in the Chronicle Herald April 21, 1998.

    Rudolf Bahro (1935-1997): A Tribute by D. Orton. A brief evaluation of this
    important German green philosopher and activist, on learning of his death. Includes
    a listing of his publications available in English. Published in Socialist Studies Bulletin
    No. 50 (Oct.-Dec 1997); Canadian Dimension. March-April 1998, Vol. 32, No. 2;
    and, in abridged form, The Way Ahead, No. 36, January 1998. It was also translated
    into Spanish as "Rudolf Bahro (1935 - 1997): Un tributo". For more on Bahro, see
    the Rudolf-Bahro-Archiv (in German).

    Do activists need ESAC, by D. Orton. An article encouraging environmental
    activists to join the Environmental Studies Association of Canada. Published in the
    ESAC promotions newsletter, April 1998.

    Green Ethics, a review by D. Orton of the book The Greening of Ethics:
    From Human Chauvinism to Deep-Green Theory
by Richard Sylvan and
    David Bennett, May 1998.

    Left Biocentrism Primer, March 1998. This ten-point primer presents an
    overview of left biocentrism. It has been printed in a number of movement magazines,
    such as The Northern Forest Forum, Summer Solstice 1998, Vol. 6 No. 5, the
    British publication The Way Ahead, Spring Issue, No. 38, April 1998, and Feral:
    A Journal Towards Wildness, Spring 1999, Vol. 1, No. 1. (The Primer is also
    included as part of Bulletin #63.)

    Winin: Memories, February 1999. A brief commentary by D. Orton on the
    death of Winin Pereira (1928-1999), founder of the Centre for Holistic Studies in
    Bandra, India; plus a commentary by Jeremy Seabrook. (Published in Indranet,
    “Winin Pereira Memorial Issue”, Issues #31-34, February 2000, Bandra, India.)

    Aquaculture Perils by Helga Hoffmann, March 1999.  A letter to the editor
    dealing with some environmental problems of shellfish farming.

    Selected Deep Ecology and Other Readings  - an annotated bibliography by
    D. Orton, March 1999. Published in The Northern Forest Forum, Mid-Spring 1999,
    Vol. 7, No. 4.

    Redefining Woodlots, April 1999. Letter to the editor by Billy MacDonald and
    David Orton, presenting the view that small woodlot owners no longer have the right
    to destroy their woodlots for economic reasons. Printed in several Nova Scotia

    NATO's Ecocide, May 1999. Letter to the editor by Helga Hoffmann, expressing
    concern for the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia and the callous disregard for its
    environmental and human costs. Printed  in several provincial and national newspapers.

    Massive Seal Killing, May 1999. A letter to the editor by D. Orton, published in
    Atlantic Canada, opposing the massive seal slaughter plans of the so-called Fisheries
    Resource Conservation Council, in their Report of April 1999.

    Commentary on The Ecological Footprint by D. Orton. Printed in Elements,
    the online magazine of the New Brunswick Environmental Network, September 1999:

    Report of the Red Tail Deep Ecology Rendezvous, by David Orton and Helga
    Hoffmann, September 1999.

    Re-evaluating Traditions, book review by D. Orton of the book Animals and
    Nature: Cultural Myths, Cultural Realities, by Rod Preece, UBC Press, 1999.
    Published in the Journal of International Wildlife Law & Policy, vol. 2:3 (1999).

    Treaty Follies - Letter to the editor by D. Orton, dealing with the Donald Marshall
    Supreme Court Decision. Published as an Opinion article in the Chronicle Herald
    September 29, 1999.

    Reject the Royal Commission Aboriginal Model Letter to the editor by D. Orton,
    putting the Donald Marshall Decision in a larger context, October 17, 1999. Printed in
    the Brunswickan, 1999 at http://www.unb.ca/bruns/9900/issue7/oped/letter3.html

    Going Deeper, book review by D. Orton of The Ecological Indian: Myth and
    History by Shepard Krech III, W. W. Norton & Company, 1999. Published on the
    Indian website The Reviewer at http://members.rediff.com/thereviewer/24101999p.htm

    Ten Environmental Books by David Orton, December 20, 1999. Short reviews
    of ten books, ranked in order of preference, on an environmental journey to a radical
    ecological awareness. Published as “Ten Books on the Environment” in Green
    Voices, Issue #12, January 2000 (newsletter of the Kootenay-Boundary Greens in
    British Columbia).

    Marine Protected Areas: A Human-Centric Concept by D. Orton, published in
    the Earth First! Journal, December 1999/January, 2000 (Vol. 20, No. 2). Also
    published in The Northern Forest Forum, Summer Solstice 2000, Vol. 8, No. 3.

    Deep Ecology and Animal Rights: A Discussion Paper by D. Orton, based on
    exchanges in the internet discussion group "left bio", January 09, 2000.

    On the Deep Ecology Path by David Orton. A short overview article. Printed in
    Green Anarchy, No. 1, Summer 2000. An edited version, under the title
    “Delving Deeper”, was published in Clearcutting in Perspective, Nova Scotia
    Public Interest Group, Vol. VIII, Spring 2000.

    Is Left Biocentrism Relevant to Green Parties? Talk to the Green Party of
    Canada convention in Ottawa, August 06, 2000. The talk included a discussion of
    deep ecology, fundamental dilemmas facing activists, the "left" in left biocentrism,
    and handling contradictions within left biocentrism. Published in the online Canadian
    deep ecology magazine The Trumpeter, Vol. 16, No. 1, at

    Let the Trees Be - A letter to the editor by D. Orton, opposing the cutting of
    trees in Point Pleasant Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia, because of the brown spruce
    longhorn beetle. Published in a number of provincial newspapers in June 2000,
    and in the Earth First! Journal, September-October 2000, Vol. 20, No. 8.

    No Moral Authority: Comment on ‘Managing’ Crown Land Forests by
    D. Orton, September 2000, 3 pages. (A shortened version appeared as an opinion
    article in the Halifax Daily News under the title “Companies Rule Natural
    Resources”, and as a letter to the editor in a number of other Nova Scotia
    newspapers. It also appeared in the newsletter of the Friends of Nature Conservation
    Society, Chester, NS, May 16, 2001.)

    A Commentary on Green Political Thought by Andrew Dobson by David
    Orton, November 07, 2000. Printed in the Socialist Studies Bulletin, No. 61,
    July-September 2000.

    Anthropocentrism and Theoretical Fatalism: A Comment on the Terms of
    Reference of the ‘Eminent Panel on Seal Management by David Orton,
    November 23, 2000. Printed in The Northern Forest Forum, Candlemas 2001,
    Vol. 8, No. 6.

    Al Gore’s Ideological Limitations: A Commentary on ‘Earth in the Balance’
    by D. Orton, December 31, 2000. Printed in The Northern Forest Forum, Candlemas
    2001, Vol. 8, No. 6.

    Joanna Macy and the CIA by D. Orton, June 2001. A critical comment on Joanna
    Macy’s past links with the CIA, as shown in her memoir Widening Circles, and the
    implications for deep ecology.

    Globalization from below or ending industrial civilization? A Commentary -
    an evaluation by D. Orton of Maude Barlow’s and Tony Clarke’s book Global Showdown,
    July 2001. Printed in abbreviated form in Canadian Dimension, Vol. 35, No. 5, September/
    October 2001. Published in the September 2001 edition of the online magazine of the New
    Brunswick Environmental Network, Elements:

    Democracy and Forest Spraying by D. Orton, August 15, 2001. Letter to the editor
    published in various Nova Scotia newspapers, and as an Opinion article in the Chronicle
    Herald of August 24, 2001, under the title “Eventually, we’ll have to accept Earth-centered

    Daring Fishing Revelations by D. Orton, September 01, 2001. A review/commentary
    of Michael Dwyer’s book, Sea of Heartbreak: The Extraordinary Account of a
    Newfoundland Fishing Voyage. Published in Synthesis/Regeneration 28, Spring 2002,
    http://www.greens.org/s-r/   Also printed in The Northern Forest Forum, Vol. 9, No. 1,
    Fall 2001.

    'Wise Use' View on Bear Attacks by D. Orton, October 20, 2001. A review of James
    Gary Shelton's book Bear Attacks II: Myth and Reality. Published under the title “The
    Wise Use Bears” in The Northern Forest Forum, Vol. 9, No. 3, Summer 2002

    Disembodied Activism - A book review of Tim Falconer’s Watchdogs and Gadflies:
    Activism From Marginal To Mainstream, November 2001. Printed in the Socialist
    Studies Bulletin, No. 65, July-December 2001. Also published in the online magazine
    Elements: http://www.elements.nb.ca/theme/resolutions/dorton/book.htm

    Notes from a Deep Ecology Talk - Selected text from a talk by David Orton
    in January 2002, to students in environmental studies at Dalhousie University, Halifax, N.S.
    An edited version was published in February 2002 in the online magazine Elements:

    Toxic Downwinds: No Redress - A review of Andrew Nikiforuk’s Saboteurs:
    Wiebo Ludwig’s War Against Big Oil. Printed in an edited version in the Earth First!
    Journal, Vol. 22, No. 3, February-March 2002. Also printed in the Watershed
    Sentinel (http://www.rfu.org/ws121.htm#Toxic Downwinds), Vol. 12, No. 1, February/
    March 2002, and in the Socialist Studies Bulletin, No. 66, January-March 2002.

    Cuba Down Side: Pesticide Spraying and Further Considerations by D. Orton,
    March 2, 2002

    Some Conservation Guidelines for the Acadian Forest, by D. Orton, October 14,
    2002. Published in The Northern Forest Forum, Winter Solstice 2002, Vol. 9, No. 4.
    Also published in shortened form as an Opinion article in The Chronicle Herald, October
    17, 2002, under the title "New Vision needed for conservation of Acadian forest".
    Appeared in shortened version in the Prince Edward Island daily The Guardian, on
    November 1st, 2002.

    Reflections on Buddhism and Deep Ecology, by David Orton, November 2002. A
    review essay of the book  Dharma Rain: Sources of Buddhist Environmentalism,
    edited by Stephanie Kaza and Kenneth Kraft.

    Civilizational Clash: Deep Green Implicatons A review of Samuel Huntington's
    The Clash of Civilizations and  the Remaking of World Order, January 2003, by
    D. Orton. Printed in the online journal The Trumpeter, Vol. 19.2. See

    'Sustainable' Forestry in Nova Scotia? A review essay by David Orton of two
    books: Forestkeeping: A History of the Department of Lands and Forests in
    Nova Scotia 1926-1969, by Dr. William Creighton; and Forests of Nova Scotia: A
    History, by Ralph S. Johnson. Published in The Northern Forest Forum, Winter
    Solstice 2002, Vol. 9, No. 4.

    Key Deep Ecology Ideas by David Orton. Notes for a talk on deep ecology given on
    March 6, 2003 during Environment Week at St. Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia.

    Missionary Global Christianity by D. Orton. A review of The Next Christendom:
    The Coming of Global Christianity, by Philip Jenkins. March 2003.

    Iraq's National Survival: Ethical Choices by D. Orton, April 2003.

    Seals and Greens: Some Value Conflicts by D. Orton, May 2003. Published in the
    online Green Party Review,  Vol. 1, No. 1, at

    Defining Capitalism A short essay by David Orton, August 2003.

    Deep Ecology Perspectives, by D. Orton.  An article based on a number of talks in
    Nova Scotia, about the importance of deep ecology, as well as some of its contradictions.
    Published in Synthesis/Regeneration, a US magazine of Green Social Thought, issue #32,
    Fall 2003, at http://www.greens.org/s-r/index.html.  Available in Russian at
    http://www.ln.com.ua/~kekz/hem6s/philos5.htm. Also published in Spiritroots
: A 21st Century Social Gospel for Canadians, Issue #4, July 2006 at
    http://www.spiritroots.ca/articles.htm#DEEP and republished in issue #9, 2010 at

   Deep Ecology and Criticism Book review by D. Orton, of Philosophical Dialogues:
    Arne Naess and the Progress of Ecophilosophy, October 2003.

    Off-Highway Vehicle Use: A Reflection of Industrialized Society's Alienation from
    the Natural World. Presentation by D. Orton to a public meeting on October 21, 2003 in
    Truro, Nova Scotia. (An Opinion article "OHV Use: Alienation from Natural World" was
    published in The Chronicle Herald, February 28, 2004.)

     The Ecocentric Left and Green Electoralism, a commentary by D. Orton, August 2004.
    Published in the Socialist Studies Bulletin, Number 74, Fall/Winter 2004. Also published in
    Synthesis/Regeneration #36, Winter 2005, http://www.greens.org/s-r/36/36-26.html

    Ecocentric Transformation - a review essay by David Orton, of  Nature, Environment
    and Society, by sociologist Philip W. Sutton, October 2004.

    A  Left perspective in deep ecology - a posting to the leftbio discussion group by D. Orton, on
    The Culture Of Extinction: Toward A Philosophy Of Deep Ecology, by Frederick Bender,
    October 2004.

    Left Biocentrism, a 1,000-word entry in the Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature, 1st Edition,
    Volume 2: K-Z, pp.1003-1005, 2005, Thoemmes Continuum, Bristol, England, ISBN 1 843711389.

    Economic Philosophy and Green Electoralism - a contribution by D. Orton to a discussion on
    Green Economics, published in Synthesis/Regeneration #37, Spring 2005, see

    Which  Way  Forward? -  A review essay by David Orton, of Manifesto For A New World Order,
    by George Monbiot, April 2005.

    Are Things Getting Better? A forestry criticism  review by David Orton of  At the Cutting Edge:
    The Crisis in
Canada's Forests by Elizabeth May (2005)

    Ecological Marxism, Intrinsic Value and Human-Centeredness   A review by David Orton of
    The Enemy of Nature:
The End of Capitalism or the End of the World? by Joel Kovel (2005)

    Conflict and Marxism in Deep Ecology  A review by David Orton of Wisdom In the Open Air:
    The Norwegian Roots
Of  Deep Ecology, edited by Peter Reed and David Rothenberg (2005)

    Disconnect:  Environmental  Theory  and  Activism   A review essay by David Orton of  Main Currents
    In Western Environmental Thought by Peter Hay (2005)

    Press Releases and Brochure for Green Party of Canada candidate David Orton, Federal Election Campaign

   The Green Movement and the Deep Ecology Movement  A talk by David Orton at the New Glasgow Library,
    February 2006.

    A Critical Appreciation: The Selected Works of Arne Naess A review by David Orton of The Selected
    Works of Arne Naess, Volumes 1-10
, edited by Harold Glasser with assistance from Alan Drengson in
    cooperation with the author, April 2006. (Excerpt published in Rhizome, the newsletter of the Environmental
    Studies Association of Canada, Vol. 15, No. 2, May 2006, see
    Some Critical Thoughts on the NDP by David Orton, in Synthesis/Regeneration 40, Summer 2006, see

    Reclaiming the Commons: Responding to Climate Change and Peak Oil, an article by David Orton,
    June 2006. Also available at Canadian Dimension, http://canadiandimension.com/articles/2006/06/07/499/
    and in Synthesis/Regeneration 43, Spring 2007.

    What Green electoral culture? A discussion by D. Orton about the philosophical direction for the Canadian
    Green Party, July 2006.

    Environmental Activists who are Changing the World  Six short biographies on Don Sullivan, David Orton,
    Elizabeth May, Claude Villeneuve, David Martin and Judy Da Silva, Canadian Dimension, July/August 2006,
    Volume 40, Number 4.

    What makes a deep green lawyer? An article by David Orton, August 2006. Printed in Synthesis/
42, Winter 2007.

    Green Party Shadow Cabinet Reflections by David Orton, September 2006.

    Illuminating Reality: An Old Growth Activist Life, review of Paul George's book "Big Trees, Not Big Stumps",
   by David Orton, October 2006.     

    Green Policy Forum in Halifax: A  Comment
, by David Orton, November 2006.

    The World of Robert Fisk: An Examination of Prejudice, review by David Orton of the book The Great
    War For Civilization: The Conquest Of The Middle East
by Robert Fisk, December 2006.

    Green Politics requires shift in consciousness. Opinion article by David Orton, see The Chronicle Herald,
    April 19, 2007.

    Mixed Messages in the Pursuit of Ecological Sustainability, a review essay by David Orton of the book
    Gaining Ground: In Pursuit of Ecological Sustainability
, edited by David M. Lavigne, September 2007.

    Uranium Exploration and Mining: Some Considerations, an account of why a moratorium on uranium
    exploration and mining was introduced in Nova Scotia in 1982, and its relevance for today; by David Orton,
    November 2007.

    Off-Road Vehicles and Deep Ecology: Cultural Clash and Alienation from the Natural World by
    David Orton, in Thrillcraft: The Environmental Consequences of Motorized Recreation, 2007,
    Foundation for Deep Ecology.

    Monbiot and Deep Dilemmas - a book review by David Orton of George Monbiot's Heat: How To Stop The
    Planet From Burning
by George Monbiot. Published in Synthesis/Regeneration # 45, Winter 2008.

    Historical Memory and Victors’ ‘Justice’: A Meditation
- a book review and meditation by David Orton of
    After The Reich: The Brutal History Of The Allied Occupation
by Giles MacDonogh, February 2008.

    Stan Rowe: A Canadian Earthling - a review essay by David Orton, of two books by Stan Rowe, Earth Alive:
    Essays On Ecology
and  Home Place: Essays on Ecology, June 2008.

    “They shall not pass”: The Spanish Civil War and the Canadian Left   - a review essay by David Orton, of the
    book Renegades: Canadians In The Spanish Civil War, by Michael Petrou, July 2008; with Addendum on the
    1969 book The Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion: Canadian Participation in the Spanish Civil War by Victor

    Short talk on Left Biocentrism - Notes from a talk at a San Francisco conference "Is Capitalism Soon Over?"
    (October 6-8, 2008) hosted by the International Forum on Globalization.

    Murray Bookchin: the Front is Narrow - a review by David Orton of the book Bookchin: A Critical Appraisal,
    by Damian  F. White, December 2008.

    Remembering Arne Naess (1912-2009) - a response to the death of Arne Naess, by David Orton, January 14, 2009.
    Reproduced in Culture Change, Dandelion Times: A Left Biocentric Online Journal, Environment, Technology and
, a newsletter of the American Sociological Association, Winter 2009, Culturequake, Energy Bulletin,
    Post Carbon Institute, March 1st, 2009, International Society for Environmental Ethics Newsletter, Spring/
    Summer 2009 and Lower Island News (B.C.), Volume 26, #4.

    Climate Change Pollyannas - a review essay by David Orton, of Global Warming For Dummies, by Elizabeth May
    and Zoë Caron, February 2009. Reproduced in full or in part by Canadian Dimension, Green Politics, Culture Change,
    The Free Online Library
, Red Pepper, Dandelion Times, and Synthesis/Regeneration.

    Selective Inclusiveness: A Forestry Review - a review by David Orton, of  Restoring the Acadian Forest: A Guide to
    Forest Stewardship for Woodlot Owners in the Maritimes
, by Jamie Simpson, April 2009.

    Deeper Organic Agriculture - article written in response to a request from the Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada,
    following the death of Arne Naess. May 2009. Also published online in Culture Change, August 2009 and in Environment,
    Technology and Sociology
, a newsletter of the American Sociological Association, Summer 2009. Published as "Deep
    Philosopher Arne Naess" in The Population Press, Winter/Spring 2010, Volume 16, Number 1.

    Disrobing Assumptions, a review by David Orton of  Disrobing The Aboriginal Industry, by Frances Widdowson and
    Albert Howard, August 2009.

     The Thinking of Pentti Linkola: A Review an evaluation of his book of essays Can Life Prevail? A Radical
    Approach to the Environmental Crisis,  August 2009. Published in Lower Island News (B.C.), Vol. 26,
    No. 5, October/November 2009.

    Radical Thinking: A Commentary - some comments on Julienne Ford's 2008 book Never Point at a Rainbow:
    An Introduction to Radical Logic
, September 2009. Published in Lower Island News (B.C.), Vol. 26, No. 5,
    October/November 2009.

    Is wilderness for human pleasure or non-human life? - an Opinion article by David Orton in the Chronicle Herald,
    October 21, 2009. Also printed in Lower Island News (B.C.), Vol. 26, No. 6,
December 2009/January 2010.           

    Light Green Environmental Sociology: A Commentary - a critical assessment of An Invitation to Environmental
by Michael M. Bell, October 2009.

    Judy Davis - Portrait of an Activist - a political tribute to the work of Judy Davis, by David Orton, February 2010. A
    tribute to Judy appeared in the Spring 2010 issue of the N. S. Government Employees Union Newsletter, The Stand,
    in the section NSGEU Women Do Great Things. Judy died on June 14th, 2010. Portrait of an Activist was also
    published in Spiritroots Communications, Issue 11, 2010

    Earth Spirituality and Nature - a commentary by David Orton on Bron Taylor's Dark Green Religion: Nature
    Spirituality and the Planetary Future
, March 2010.

    Mixed Thoughts on Ecosocialism - a contribution to a recent discussion on ecosocialism, on the internet group leftbio,
    by David Orton, March 2010. 

    Wind Turbines: Some Deeper Questions - a book commentary on Wind Turbine Syndrome by Nina Pierpont,
    written by David Orton and Helga Hoffmann-Orton in the context of our local situation, May 2010. Includes as an
    Addendum a review of the 2009 book The Wind Farm Scam: An Ecologist’s Evaluation, by John Etherington.
    The Pierpont review was published in Lower Island News (B.C.), Vol. 27, Issue 2, June/July 2010.

    Dark Mountain Insight - a comment by David Orton on the book Dark Mountain, edited by Paul Kingsnorth
    and Dougald Hine, July 2010.

    Some Dimensions of a New Forest Land Ethic - a contribution by David Orton to the discussion of what to
    do with some soon to be acquired forest lands near Scotsburn, Pictou County, Nova Scotia. August 2010.

    Community Lands and Deep Ecology - Response to the “Nova Scotia Community Lands Trust Discussion Paper”
    presented by the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, by David Orton, September 2010.

    Wildlife Hysteria: Nova Scotia’s War on Coyotes - A letter to the editor by Billy MacDonald of the Redtail Nature
    Awareness and David Orton of the Green Web, January 2011. Published as an Opinion article in the Chronicle Herald
    on February 03, 2011, and in several other newspapers in Nova Scotia, including Farm Focus.
    Starting in October of 2010, David Orton wrote a blog, the Deep Green Web, to which he posted the following articles:

For the Earth – David Keith Orton (1934-2011) - Obituary notice from May 12th, 2011. Also see the article
           "Noted environmental activist, David Orton, dies at 77: Orton espoused deep ecology and left biocentrism". There is a
           tribute to David on the Friends of Redtail site. See also a photo album of David and a Wikipedia entry.

            A deep green burial - An account of David's burial on May 15th, 2011, in the forest near his home. There are some
            photos of the burial, which show the lovely spot the gravesite is at. One of David’s friends, Mark Brennan, made a
            recording of the morning sounds at our place. It is a moving tribute to David and to our place, which David called a paradise.
            See For the Earth, Morning Chorus at David's.

            David Keith Orton - a "Lives Lived" column in The Globe and Mail, November 2, 2011.

            The New York Times published a section “The Lives they Loved” on December 201, 2011. I submitted an obituary, which,
            as far as I can see, was not published. To read it, go to Lives Loved.

            A Green Interview was conducted by Silver Donald Cameron with David not long before he died.


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