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                                An Introduction                   

                    The Green Web is a small independent research group and network with a
                left biocentric perspective. (This is a socially-conscious tendency
within the
                deep ecology movement.) The Green Web aims to serve the
needs of activists in
                the environmental and green movements. We do
not solicit or accept government
                or corporate funding.


                    The nucleus of the Green Web is based in Nova Scotia, Canada. It was formed
                in 1988. Our network of information distribution and exchange exists on a
                provincial, national, and international level.


                    We believe the world-wide industrial capitalist system is destroying the Earth.
                This system, with its human-centered view
of nature as a "resource" and its
                roots in endless economic
growth and consumerism, has us all on a death path.
                Needed are
new ecological, social, political, spiritual and cultural visions, and a
                reduction in human population. A new environmental ethic and
                environmental economics are required. Societies have to
be ecologically
                sustainable for the survival of all species on Earth.

                        Green   Web   Literature                      

                    We have so far produced or reproduced eighty bulletins, plus a number
            of articles, book reviews, etc.  Any material may be
freely reproduced with
            acknowledgement and if no profit is made.
Green Web Bulletins have covered a
            number of main themes:

                To make contact, to receive the Green Web Literature List or to share
            information, please e-mail us or write to us at:

               Green Web, R.R. #3, Saltsprings, Nova Scotia, Canada, BOK 1PO

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