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"To the law and the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because they have no light in them." Isaiah 8:20 

This web site is dedicated to the spread of the glorious Gospel of Christ and the encouragement of born again Christian as they walk this pilgrim way. May the Lord bless you much as you browse around.

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Directory of Bible Answers (552 Qustions and  Bible Answers)

Special Booklets Articles

                         Twenty-four questions.
Christian Living:             Eighty-seven questions.
Doctrine:                         One hundred and sixteen questions.
False Doctrine:                Seven questions.
Person of Christ:             Twenty-five questions.
Prophecy:                        Sixty-four questions.
Salvation:                        Two hundred and fifteen questions.
Church Truths:                Fourteen questions

1- God's Way of Salvation. Read or Download: click here
2- Man's Questions God's Answers Download: click here
3- Twelve Helps for New Believers: click here
4- Twelve Great Facts of Salvation: click here
5- My Mailbox Letters: click here
6- What do you Receive with Christ? click here
7- Is Israel the Church? Click here

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Sermon Notes: Download freely

Miscellaneous Topics:

Interesting Topics (Calvinism):

1-What is Self-Esteem: click here.
2-The Gospel of Self-Esteem: click here.
3-Bible Self Love and Self-Esteem: click here.
4-The Modern Gospel Teaching on Self Esteem: click here.
5-Quotes from Christian Promoters of Self Esteem: click here.
6-Men of the Bible and their Self Esteem: click here.
7-Does the Bible Command us to Love Ourselves: click here.
8-Prophetic Chart Outline of Things to Come: click here.
9-Do You Have Marital Problems?: click here.

1- Do Jews have Right to the Land of Israel? click here.
2- What is the Battle of Armageddon? click here.
3- Are the Heathens Lost? click here.
4- My Replies to Various Inquiries. click here.
5- My Answer to a Letter on Calvinism click here.
6- Sovereignty of God, click here.
7- Elected to be Saved? click here.
8- Is the Trinity Scriptural? click here

You will find: Questions and Answers from the Bible, Audio three minute Gospel Stories, Mp3 Bible Messages, Email Bible Lessons, Sermon Notes, Tracts, Booklets, Timely Articles and Personal Testimonies.

SALVATION BOOKLET All the Answers from the Bible Download 32k
MAN'S QUESTIONS God's Answers to Man's Questions. Download 22k
YOUNG BELIEVERS Twelve Helps for New Christians Download 13k
WITNESSING FOR CHRIST Some Ethics and Helps Download 7k
MY MAILBOX LETTERS Interesting correspondence
TWELVE GREAT FACTS OF SALVATION Great for New and Old Believers

GOSPEL STORIES Listen to three minute Gospel Stories for children and adults.
PERSONAL TESTIMONIES Read the Testimonies of Others.
www.saved.com The main Bookshelf.
MINISTRY AND GOSPEL Audio cassette tapes can be listened to or downloaded freely-- Mp3 format.
PROPHECY OF DANIEL Free Bible Course, you can download the first lessons.
LOVE - DATING AND MARRIAGE Free Bible Course, you can download the first lessons.
THE COMING OF THE LORD Free Bible Course, you can download the first lessons
LIST OF EMAIL BIBLE LESSONS Lessons for the Entire Family
MAILBOX BIBLE CLUB Mailbox Bible Club Lessons
CHILDREN'S BIBLE LESSONS Lessons Especially for Children
BIBLE STUDY New England Monthly Bible Study
LIVING WATERS MINISTRY Ray Comfort's Ministry. Listen to Hell's Best Secret
BRINGING THE WORD OF LIFE A wealth of good Bible material and much more on this site.

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