Education and Research Interests


M.Sc. in Environmental and Occupational Health
        (Major subject is Environment and Prevention)
        Faculty of Medicine -  University of Montreal,
      Quebec, Canada
Research Title : Les Risques Potentiels Associes a L'Utilisation de
              Benzene Pour l'Être Humain sur le Territoire de la 
              CUM (Québec, Canada)

B.Sc. Soil and Water Sciences 
      Aïn-Shams University, Cairo, Egypt


Some Researches

In the Environmental Field :
1) Risques Toxicologiques lies a l'Exposition
   Industrielle au Styrène au Québec, Canada.
2) Flux des Polluants automobiles au Québec, Canada
3) Risques Sanitaires des Métaux Lourds contenus dans des boues 
   potentiellement utilisables pour la valorisation agricole.
4) La Valorisation Agricole des boues d'Usines d'épuration des
   Eaux Usées au Québec, Canada.
5) Exposure of Taxi drivers and Office workers to total and Respirable
   Manganese in Urban Environment

Experience Summary

* Environmental Audits.
* Environmental Impact/Risk Assessment.
* Environmental Toxicology and Industrial Hygiene.
* Supervising and Carrying out Research and Experiments in The
  Field of Environment and Pollution Prevention and Control.
* Environmental Inspection and Quality Control.
* Occupational Health and Security.
* Air pollution Treatment.
* Management of Environmental Projects.
* Environmental Regulations and Standards Consulting.
* Waste Assessment.
* Remediation of Groundwater and Soil Contaminated.
* The application of Computer Sciences in Environmental Studies.

Some Publications

In the Environmental Field
1) Zayed, J., M. Mikhail, S. Loranger, G. Kennedy, and G. L'Esperance,
   Exposure of Taxi drivers and Office workers to total and Respirable
   Manganese in Urban Environment, American Industrial Hygiene Association Journal 57(4):376-381
2) Mikhail, M., Risques Toxicologiques Lies a l'Exposition
   Industrielle au Styrène au Québec.
3) Mikhail, M., Flux des Polluants Automobiles au Québec, Canada.
4) Mikhail, M., Risques Sanitaires des Métaux Lourds Contenus dans
   des boues Potentiellement Utilisables pour la Valorisation Agricole.
5) Mikhail, M. Des recommandations pour réduire les émissions de benzène
   et des COV provenant de la commercialisation de l’essence et des 
   produits pétroliers. Conférence présentée à Environnement Canada à 
   l’occasion de l’atelier sur les véhicules et les carburants 
   (25-26 mai 2000 à Toronto).
6) Mikhail, M., I. Matteau and C. Langlois. 2003. Environmental Effects 
   Monitoring (EEM) of pulp and paper mills in Quebec: summary of toxicity 
   for the period 200-2003 six first series of cycle 3). In: K. Hedley, 
   S. Roe and A.J. Niimi (eds.). 2003. Proceedings of the 30th Annual Aquatic 
   Toxicity Workshop: September 28 to October 1, 2003, Ottawa, Ontario. 
   Canadian Technical Report of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. 2510: 158 pp.


2) Environement Canada
3) Environment Quebec
4) BORDEN Canada
5) Environmental Service of Urban Community of Montreal
   (Quebec, Canada)
6) Environmental and Occupational Health Department, University of Montreal,
   Quebec, Canada.
7) AFH International Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
8) SAMAS, Geneva, Switzerland.
9) University of Constantine, Algeria.
10)NRC, Cairo, Egypt.




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