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There is much talk about the antichrist. Could King Saddam be him?

It seems that every would be conqueror of nations is looked upon as the possible antichrist. I remember as a boy, many that had Hitler pegged as the man. He was not and neither is Saddam.

The antichrist will rise up out of the ruins of the Old Roman Empire. Daniel 7:7-8. There the fourth beast is said to have ten horns and an eleventh horn came up in the midst of them. In explaining this in Daniel 7:23-24, Daniel says that these ten horns are ten kings that shall arise, and the eleventh is another king that shall rise up among them who will be a mighty leader. This is the same “prince that shall come” in Daniel 9:26 and is of the people who destroyed the temple after the cutting off of the Messiah. These were the Romans in A.D. 70. He will be a Gentile. He will be favourable toward Israel and make a covenant with Israel for seven years, Daniel 9:27. He will not claim to be their Christ. He is anti (against) Christ. He denies both the Father and the Son. 1 John 2:22. His covenant will be of peace, although it will be a false peace. He will break his covenant of peace in the midst of the seven years and turn against Israel with persecutions such as never before. His possession of the land of Israel will stir the nations of the world against him and they will invade the land to drive him out. Daniel 11:40-45. It will be at that time the Lord Himself shall appear and the final battle of Armageddon. There are indications that he will arise out of the Grecian part of the Roman Empire, Daniel 8:21-25. This could be Syria or some of those mid-Eastern Nations. Since he will be favourable toward Israel it could hardly be Saddam. He openly hates the very ground a Jew walks upon. Before all this the Lord is coming for His people.

Are you ready? Do you know Christ as personal Saviour?

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