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Are the ten lost tribes of today Jews? Does Israel and Judah make up one nation?

Generally questions like this are always associated with British lsraelism and Armstrongism who teach that the ten tribes carried away into Assyria and the throne of David in Jerusalem was carried to England and is now the throne of the Queen. This is positively and absolutely wrong. There is no Biblical evidence to support such a theory. To answer these questions is very simple. There are no ten lost tribes today and the ten tribes that were carried into Assyria were called Jews. The other question is likewise simple, there is only one nation of Israel today.

The nation of Israel was divided in the days of Solomon's son and the two tribes of Judah and Benjamin became one nation and were first called “Jews” in distinction of the other ten. (2 Kings 16:6 and 2 Kings 25:25). However later these same two tribes became the majority of God's covenant people then the term “Jew” was applied to all. Abraham was an “Hebrew” (means one who crossed over) Genesis 14:13. Jacob was first called “Israel” Genesis 32:28. Judah was first called a “Jew” 1 Kings 16:6. Later these titles all became interchangeable. Paul was a Jew, Acts 22:3, He was an lsraelite Romans 11:1, He was a Hebrew Philippians 3:5. The Jews of Acts 2:5 are Israelites in Acts 2:36. When the gospel is said to be to the “Jew” first then to the “Gentile”, this made up all the people of the world. The “so called” lost tribes were in the term “Jews.” When Jesus sent out the twelve He sent them to the “lost sheep” (not tribes) of Israel. Matthew 10:6. The tribes were not lost geographically lost, but spiritually. They never left the land of Palestine to find them. When James wrote his epistle it was to the “twelve tribes” they were not lost.

Jesus was sought as the “King of the Jews” and was to rule over God's people “Israel” Matthew 2:2 and Matthew 2:6. These terms are interchangeable. This was prophesied by the prophets of old. Ezekiel foresaw this when he was given the prophecy of the two sticks becoming one. Ezekiel 37:20-22. All this teaching about Ephraim being England and we Canadians being Israelites is just so much of man's imagination. It has no scriptural basis whatsoever. It ought to be rejected by all Christians. There is not a bit of historical or cultural evidence to support that we are Israelites.

Our Saviour was a “Jew” John 4:9 and also an “Israelite” John 1:49, and must be trusted as Saviour from sin in order to be saved. What about you dear reader? Are you fully trusting Him? -

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