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With all the good news about Russia and the fall of the Soviet Union we ought to look forward to a time of peace on earth. What about the talk that the Bible prophesied Russia as invading the land of Israel. Which are we to believe?

It was so called good news when Chamberlain and Roosevelt came back from their meeting with Hitler in l939. They returned with a peace treaty; but it wasn't long before we were in a total war with him.

The Bible is the only guide. In spite of outward and apparent circumstances we can always rely on: "THUS SAITH THE LORD." While I am not decrying the turn in Russia's system I am not accepting it as good news. Good news can only be determined by it's outcome. The bible is very clear that a nation from the far north of Jerusalem will march into the land of Israel in the last days, Ezekiel 38. The names mentioned in Ezekiel 38:2, are all associated with Russia. The countries in Ezekiel 38:5-6 are allies of Russia. The words "north parts" in Ezekiel 38:15 means the "extreme north." The times in Ezekiel 38:16 are the "latter days." These things alone tell me that Russia will come against Israel in the last days. Russia will be miraculously defeated by divine intervention, Ezekiel 38:22-23. Do not be deceived, Russia is a candidate for a revolution. Things could be different next week at this time. Russia is in a transition period; where she will end up, we have not yet seen?

Be ready. Jesus is coming soon. Trust Him and be saved.

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Updated July 2009, by Shelly Allen