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What did the Lord mean when He said "This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled ? - Matthew 24:34

In this chapter the Lord is answering two questions the disciples asked Him: "...when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and the end of the world?" Matthew 24:3.

These things have reference to the destroying of the Temple which happened in 70 A.D. under Titus, then the emperor of Rome. In giving the course of the age He answers them both. In Matthew 24:24, He has previously completed His answer to the first, and is now discussing His coming again. There are two interpretations of this verse and both are in harmony with one another. The word "generation" could mean "a race of people." What He is then saying is; this race of Jewish people will not cease to be. They will be here when I come again. This is both biblically and historically true. The Jews have been preserved as a "race" throughout the years since. They are the most distinct people on earth today. They have survived without a homeland and nation for two thousand years until 1948.

The other meaning is that the "budding of the fig tree," generally has reference to Israel as a Nation and her national birth in May 1948. He states the generation following this will be here when He comes again. Israel is often likened to a fig tree, (Read Joel 1:7). Should this be the case, the Lord could come to Israel in the very near future. A generation, according to Matthew 1, is about 51 years.

How important, in light of bible prophecy, is it for the readers to be ready? Have you repented of your sins and trust Christ as your personal Saviour?. There is salvation in none other. (Acts 4:12). He is the door. (John 10:9).

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