Introducing David Orton, Green Party Candidate for Central Nova

Make Peace With Nature, Vote Green

            Press Release
            December 04, 2005

                David Orton has been nominated the Green Party of Canada candidate for Central Nova. He is also the
            national spokesperson for deep ecology for the Green Party.
                David Orton says, "The Green Party is part of an international movement calling for a fundamental shift
            in consciousness in how we humans relate to the Earth. I am running in this election to contribute to this
            shift in consciousness, and to promote a culture that is ecologically attuned. The existing industrial capitalist
            society is destroying the very conditions of life, not only for humans but for other species and the Earth
            itself. I see myself also as a voice for other species who have no representation."


                My name is David Orton. I am 71 years old and a Canadian citizen. I was born in Portsmouth,
            England, as one of four children from a working class family. I left school at 15 and took a five-year
            shipwright apprenticeship in Portsmouth Dockyard. I came to Canada in 1957. I have lived in
            Saltsprings, Pictou County for over 20 years. We live simply on an old hill farm which has returned
            to forest. My wife Helga is a nurse, and we have one daughter, Karen, who is a student. I have
            two grown children from a first marriage, Karl and Johanna.

                I see myself not only as a Green, but also as a person of the Left, concerned about social justice.
            I have opposed racism, the lack of democracy in the universities, the complicity of the Canadian
            government and various corporations with the US war machine, etc. In the late 70s the ecological
            movement became the focus for my life. Major concerns have been the ongoing destruction of
            forests by industrial forestry including spraying, the human impact on wildlife populations, the
            Sable gas pipeline project and energy issues, marine life and the killing of seals, etc. We humans
            have to extend the sense of personal self-identity to include the well being of the Earth, which is
            the philosophy of deep ecology.

                The ecological movement draws from every sector of society, including true conservatives
            who want to "conserve", not destroy, our ecological and social heritage. I have written many
            articles on green philosophy and theory, and book reviews. A favourite saying is:
            "Each of us must be the change we wish to see in this world."

            (Education: BA from Sir George Williams University [now Concordia] in Montreal, MA from
            the New School for Social Research in New York City.)


            Campaign Manager: Mark Brennan, telephone 396 4397, email:
            Mark is responsible for coordinating all speaking events for David Orton in the riding and
            working with volunteers.
            The Official Agent is Helga Hoffmann-Orton who can be reached at 925 2514 or

            To reach David Orton, phone 925 2514 or email:

            This bio and a photo are available at the Green Party web site

            Authorized by the official agent for David Orton.

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