Green Party Candidate Says

           "Harmful Forest Spraying Must Be Terminated"

                Press Release - For Immediate Release

                December 7th, 2005, Saltsprings, Pictou County.

                David Orton, Green Party candidate for Central Nova, intends to oppose
            forest herbicide and insecticide spraying as one focus in his election
            campaign. At a recent Green Party meeting in Pictou County Mr.Orton said
            that,  "Forest Spraying  is directly related to ecologically destructive
            pulpmill forestry practices like clearcutting, and reduces the rich
            diversity of the Acadian forest in favour of a handful of softwood pulp

                Forest spraying affects many rural residents in Nova Scotia. Usually, when
            citizens have tried to obtain critical information about the forest sprays,
            they have been greeted by an incessant but false industry/government line,
            claiming that "these sprays are harmless if used according to label
            instructions." On this issue, the government and industry speak as one
            voice. Rachel Carson's groundbreaking book, Silent Spring, has not entered
            the 'pesticide pushers' consciousness. Yet overwhelmingly, rural residents,
            if asked for their opinions, oppose the use of biocides in the vicinity of
            their homes. So much for democracy!

                Orton supports the forest workers in the Nova Scotia Woodlot Owners and
            Operators Association, who, for several years now, have shown through their
            work the benefits of "low impact" or "restoration" forestry. Orton also
            opposes the industrial forestry model, which he says, "Is based on a desire
            for ever increasing economic growth, and which aspires to have the level of
            paper consumption in North America as a model for the world. With this
            industrial model, functioning forests in Nova Scotia are being replaced by
            clearcuts and sprayed tree plantations, while causing reckless damage and
            creating an environment hostile to a diverse wildlife."

                David Orton, who is the Green Party's national spokesperson for deep
            ecology, says that, "Forests, if logged, need to be sustainably cut, that
            is, maintaining the full ecological functioning of the forest as a habitat
            for all the species that live there. This is far from the present situation.
            It means practising, as a general orientation, a closed-canopy ecoforestry
            with selection cutting. Such a forest will be self-regulating, without the
            need for biological or chemical controls."

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