The HFFDC was a senior parade and concert Drum Corps with 75 men and women from 17 to 75 years of age. The Corps was formed by members of the Hamilton Fire Department and was continuously active from 1961 to 2015. 


The HFFDC has been disbanded - October 2015

  was a member of the"Great Alliance of Seniors"

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HFFDC Corps History  - Firefighters Drum Corps history.  Photos of the Corps through the years
HFFDC Membership Corps List- Past Corps affiliations covering 40 years of Canadian Drum Corps
HFFDC Alumni Association - 300 past members are actively involved in many social activities.
C.A.D.R.E. - "Canadian Association for Drumming Rudimental Excellence" Web Site
G.A.S. - Great Alliance of Seniors Member Corps

 Photo History
HFFDC Alumni Association
Members' Corps Affiliations
 Canadian Commanders Drum Corps
Great Alliance of Seniors
 Maine/Massachusetts Photos
Royal Hamilton Light Infantry Bugle Band
Viscounts Drum Corps

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The following two web pages are dedicated to the two organizations that, over the 40 years of the HFFDC, have been the cradle of many of the past and present members. These organizations are now extinct, but the memories of them live on in the hearts of a great many of the Hamilton Firefighters Drum Corps.
Royal Hamilton Light Infantry Bugle Band      - 1887 - 1992
Viscounts Senior Drum & Bugle Corps          - 1959 - 1964

A Little More Nostalgia
The Canadian Commanders Senior Drum & Bugle Corps was formed as an amalgamation of the Viscounts and the Jesters in late 1963. Many of the HFFDC members participated in this organization, which is now also extinct.
Canadian Commanders Senior Drum & Bugle Corps- 1964 - 1973
New "old" photos of the Commanders and Jesters provided by Ed Law.

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