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Where is it found in the Bible that a non-Christian shouldn't be married in a church?

I could not give you a verse to say it shouldn't or should be, however, I will take this occasion to state my opinion.

Too much emphasis is put on a building as a "church". This is purely a traditional concept and cannot be found in the New Testament. Stephen, in his lengthy sermon, in Acts 7, had been previously charged with speaking against the temple. The whole point of his sermon was made in Acts 7:47-48 where he said Solomon built a house for God but "...the Most High dwelleth NOT IN TEMPLES made with hands.." Traditional christianity has not yet learned this truth. The church is not a wooden building. That is not the House of God. Hebrews 3:6 says that "we" (Christians) are the HOUSE of God. God dwelt in a tabernacle and temple in olden days, but not so in this age. The body of a believer or a body of believers is the HOUSE of God now. A building where Christians meet is not as much sanctity than the home or body in which we live.

Traditionally, the so called church in a place is an institution built by the community for their use as directed by the officials. Under such a tradition it serves for burials and marriages and things pertaining to its general purposes. I would personally see no reason why young ~ unmarried couple, whose lives are regarded as morally clean shouldn't be married in a public building in a community; however it would not be in good taste to publicly marry people who are known to be living immorally or common-law or who had been previously married and divorced. These people shouldn't want a public wedding. Far better to elope and get married quietly or privately.

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