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Does not the phrase "replenish the earth" in Genesis 1:28 prove that Evolutionists are right in believing in prehistoric man?

The Evolutionist never refers to the Bible to establish their theories, if so,they would soon cease to be evolutionists.

Evolution and the Bible do not agree. The English word "replenish" certainly means to restock or refill, however, the Hebrew word used does not mean exactly that. To understand the meaning of a Bible word, one has to see how it is used throughout it. In this case, the Hebrew word "replenish" is "mille," which simply means "to fill." "...the earth was filled (milled) with violence." Genesis 6:11. It was not refilled; there is no record of violence filling it before. In Genesis 24:16, we read how a young lady "filled' (milled) her pitcher with water." There is no evidence that she upset it and refilled it. Again, in 1 Kings 8:10, Solomon built the temple and the "glory of the Lord filled (milled) it." It most certainly was not filled before. I could go on, but sufficient are these to show you its use. It is clearly stated in the Bible that Adam was the "first man." "The first man Adam was made..." 1 Corinthians 15:45. The reason behind evolution is unbelief in the Bible record of creation.

They would like to prove the Bible wrong. It is just another attempt to discredit the Bible and God. They spend their time trying to find where we came from instead of where we are, and where we and going. This is a subtle trick of the devil. People always looking backwards, will eventually go into the ditch. Look to the cross to be saved, today; then and only then, will you know where you are going.

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