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What about the new sexuality that many churches are subscribing to, must it not be right?

Sexuality seems to be the topic of the day. People are so preoccupied with it that the commercial world is taking advantage of it to advertise. T.V. glamorizes it. Book stands are full of it. Schools are teaching and it seems, like everyone else, it is practicing it in one form or another. The Bible declares that "if they speak not according to this word it is because there is no light in them." Isaiah 8:20

God has spoken much about this subject in His word and if we do not speak His language about things it is because we are wrong and in the dark. We are living is dark days. Man sin is becoming greater all the time. Soon the Lord will come again and a time of wrath and judgment will follow. The pattern is in Romans 1:21-28. We have seven downward steps of man. It began with not glorifying God and ends with homosexuals and lesbians. In other words, they went from the top to the bottom. Anything apart from natural sex, and that within marriage, is sinful and brutish. Man has sunk to such a low level that God said, "HE GAVE THEM UP" Romans 1:24, Romans 1:26, and in Romans 1:28. "He GAVE THEM OVER" to a reprobate mind. God says, "Marriage is honourable in all things and the bed is undefiled; but whoremonger and adulterers GOD WILL JUDGE." Hebrews 13:4

Churches are very poor examples of what is right or wrong in sexuality. Note the many clergymen who have been charged recently with sexual crimes. Recently one of the leading denominations brought forth their three year study on sexuality and they should have returned it to where they got it from - i.e. the garbage can. The word of God is our only guide. It never changes. Matthew 24:34 and Matthew 5:18. God ordained that men and women should cohabit as man and wife and cleave to one another. Genesis 2:24. This only is sexuality undefiled. All else God will judge.

Christ has already died for your sins and waits for you to trust Him. Have you received Him as your personal Saviour from sins yet ?

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Updated July 2009, by Shelly Allen