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The Bible seems to be a book of misquotes and contradictions. An example is found in Matthew 27:9, where he writes "Then was fulfilled that which was spoken by the prophet Jeremy, or Jeremiah ..." This is not found in the Book of Jeremiah, but in Zechariah 11:13. Did Matthew misquote?

There are many things in a medical book that would confuse most of us, but we mustn't assume that they confuse doctors. The Bible is a "spiritual book" and best understood by people who are born-again and spiritual in understanding. I have never heard a real born again Christian say that the Bible contradicts itself. There is much in it that I don't understand and I find the more I learn from it the more I find out that I do not know. It is a gold mine of spiritual material.

The above verse is a very simple one to understand when you examine it and the book of Zechariah. Zechariah quoted much from the former prophets and especially Jeremiah. See Zechariah 1:4 and compare with Jeremiah 18:11 see also Zechariah 7:7. Now you will notice that Matthew does not say t was written, but spoken by Jeremiah. This is very clear that Zechariah wrote what Jeremiah spoke, but Matthew, through inspiration, writes what Jeremiah spoke, and not what Zechariah wrote.

Herein is the beauty of the inspired writers of Holy Writ. God knew what Jeremiah spoke and gave this to Matthew, by-passing the writer Zechariah. Far from a misquote or contradiction this verse is ample proof of men who were inspired of God. Inspiration is two-fold some written hence the word scriptures (writings) in 2 Timothy 3:16, and the other was spoken in 2 Peter 1:21. Some of the spoken word was written and some was not as it would not be relevant to others.

You can believe the Bible as the inspired word of God and rest your souls salvation upon it Romans 10:17.

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